Trapped Puzzle Rooms – Super Squad

Trapped Puzzle Rooms – Super Squad
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, but we played from the comfort of our own home!
Game Date:  18/06/2020
Team: Amy, Cici & Brandon

I was very kindly invited to experience Super Squad by Cici and Brandon of EscapeTheRoomers, one of the biggest american escape room blogs. We met briefly at ERIC last October, so it was great to virtually reunite and play a “room”

“One dark evening, you see a flash out of the city museum into the sky above. The museum seems to vanish for just a second… then reappear. Can you and your squad figure out what happened and save the world in time?

Super Squad is an AUDIO led escape room, and therefore is quite different from anything we’ve played before, it takes a lot of imagination but once you get into that zone it becomes immersive, realistic and a lot of fun!
Our ssession was held through discord, and the best was to describe it would be “If Dungeons & Dragons had a baby with an Escape Room” This would be it.
Our host was excellent in delivering the story, and guiding us through the game, Subtly steering us in the right direction by describing what we were seeing and what we were doing (when we gave him the direction) This was supplemented by pictures which really helped visualise the space.
The story was exciting, and had us using some pretty fun and ridiculous super powers that helped us escape the museum!
The connection was secure and stable and we had no communication problems!
By the end of the game I was 100% invested, being truly taken in to the Super Squad world. This is the type of game to throw everything into, get into the role play and embrace the fun of it all!

Game Play:
Super Squad is an open experience that utilises the role play aspect of the game to drive it forward, puzzles were a secondary componant that always fell beautifully into the story. The main focus was exploration, discovery, problem solving and team work.
There were a few more “escape room” style puzzles, all of which were presented well and had perfect logic, clarity and wonderful ah-ha moments, infact these were present all throughout the game. We were encouraged to role-play and try anything we wanted, within the game world ANYTHING was possible, it was just up to us to find out if it worked or not!
The flow of the game was excellent, and fast paced and it was always pushing forward towards our goal.
Signposting was very, very good in both the visual aids and small prompts from our game host.
A truly unique game, that rewards curiosity and demands fun!

Game Host:
Brian was fantastic! He really got into character and delivered the game with enthusiasm and professonalism. He was adept at improvisation and guided with skillfully through the game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered subtly within the world of the game.

Website: https://www.trappedpuzzlerooms.com/home/audio-escape-adventure/

$15 pp (minimum of 3)

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