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72564152_10157532248136838_5678346716961570816_n“The Ringmaster” at Dare2Escape in Florida

I started playing escape rooms in August 2015 and since then I have played a fair few games! Games for me are a stress release… in a strange way… taxing my brain has always been enjoyable, there is a certain enjoyment in popping open a lock (positive reinforcement anyone?) and I love the rush of adrenaline from completing a room… it can’t be beat!

This crazy hobby obsession has lead to some amazing times, from appearing as a cameo in an escape room, to appearing in publicity for others and speaking on the enthusiast panel at E.R.I.C. 3 times! Of course, the best thing is the wonderful, amazing and brilliant people I have met on this journey!

I usually play rooms with just my Fiancée, (we enjoy the challenge) but have been known to play in bigger teams! Teams are noted at the top of each review, along with the date played.

All reviews are unbiased and impartial. They will reflect the game as played on the day, I always try to see the best bits of a game, I don’t like dwelling in the negative!
However… Games are a live event, and liking a game is down to personal taste.
I give an accurate representation of the game and host on that particular day.
I will endeavour to not give any spoilers away for the games, and I will never post how to escape from any games I have played or have knowledge of!

If you are an up-coming or existing room that would like a review on our blog, or a new room testing,  please contact me using the contact form, or e-mail me directly on britofanescapehabit@hotmail.com

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Amy xoxo