Lucardo – Contamination

Location: Manchester
Lucardo – Contamination.
Game Date 29/11/2106.
Team: Amy & Ian


After we had finished Gem Runner, we were offered another game to play, and I can never resist another game! Onto Contamination it was then (after a quick 10 min break!) This is Lucardo’s hardest room, so I was a little nervous going in… could we do it?….

“Scientists from around the world have developed a new modified deadly strain of poison: the T-200. It is capable of polluting the nation’s water supply within minutes. Only five vials were created and one has gone missing – we believe Professor Thomson has stolen it and has it hidden somewhere in his lab. Break-in to his lab and find the missing vial before Professor Thomson returns”

Theming was incredibly immersive again, attention to detail was excellent, with all the props being legitimate lab equipment. The lab itself was stark, clinical and almost sterile, with white surfaces and plenty of cupboards to search in and around. You could imagine a team of scientists getting to work in this scenario! Lucardo’s rooms really are finished beautifully, without a hair out of place! Everything fits, and no detail is overlooked!

Game Play:
The game started off small, with a few nice puzzles and hunting to warm us up and then BOOM!!! Locks everywhere! The latter part of the game has possibly the most locks we’ve seen in a room, amazing. I was in my element! The puzzles were ingenious, and the room felt fairly linear, it was a lot of hard work entering codes on all the padlocks (this would be a lot easier if you had more people in each team) but there was no ambiguity in the puzzles which all lead to concise answers and lots of “ah-ha” moments! Very enjoyable puzzles, again with an excellent mix of Logic, Math, word and physical! There was 1 STAND out puzzle, which we have never seen before in a room, it was just brilliant… simple, yet brilliant and a LOT of fun, it is certainly 1 puzzle I will remember for a long time, I loved it!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen, with an appropriate sound.

Game Host:
Adam, once again was our game host, delivering the rooms story with dramatic effect! He gave us clues once again with excellent timing, only giving us just enough “clue” to nudge us in the right direction, just at the point where frustration was setting in! Very skilful game-hosting!

Did we escape?
Yes, with 4 minutes spare! Fairly close call, but for a room with a LOT of locks, I think we did well!

Website: https://lucardo.com/
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80

Both rooms at Lucardo were excellent, a true showcase of what can be done by an independent brand with dedication and passion for the industry, we can’t WAIT to get back to try the other 3 rooms!

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