Exploring Escape Rooms: Let’s talk about locks

Let’s talk about locks

Padlocks are the fundamental “piece” of an escape room, they all have them, in varying types and quantities… some more than others!
I have found all the following types in the rooms I’ve played so far:

4 Digit Combination Locks:
These work by inputting a 4 digit code, lining up the digits on the indicated line. The code will usually be found by solving a simple puzzle or combining numbers together!


3 Digit Combination Locks:
Exactly the same as the 4 digit locks, only with one less digit! I feel that 3 digit should be given all at the same time, as it is all too easy to spin for a final digit if a player has 2 of the digits already…


Standard Key Padlock:
Usually the keys are hidden REALLY well, either in “plain sight” or within other locked boxes or safes. BE KIND your game host, and leave the key in the padlock when you’ve opened it! Your game host will be singing your praises!


Directional Padlocks:
These are fun, You have to click down twice on the shackle and then input the code, Which will be some kind of Up, Down, Left, Right affair.
Be careful, it is not always just 4 directions, and make sure you let the button come back to the centre after each direction!


Word padlocks.
Ahhh, I LOVE a word lock! Just like the combination locks, only with words.
Generally a 5 letter word, but 4 letter word locks are common place too.
Word locks are very sensitive and need lining up just right!


Push Button Door Lock.
A lot of games use these as the “Final exit” code. Usually they’re 3 or 4 digits such as C1234Z (pressing C is for clearing the padlock!)

push button lock

They’re the main types of locks you will find, there are some lesser used locks such as electronic locks, key-card locks but these are rare (we’ve encountered them in very few rooms!)

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