Trapped In – Interstellar

Trapped In – Interstellar.
Location: Bury
Game Date 02/11/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian



“The date is 2250, The Spaceship Lumina is on a research mission in the far reaches of space. A cosmic storm has caused complete engine failure, you are now powerless and drifting towards the edge of a black hole. The situation is critical. You have 60 minutes to locate and install the backup power source and restart the ships engines before you are sucked past the point of no return”

Wow! Trapped in have certainly stepped their game up with Interstellar, a gorgeously crafted spaceship. There was so much detail in this room it was hard to know where to look first. So much to look at… it was a sensory overload for the first few minutes!
The room was finished extremely well, which led to a very immersive experience. This spaceship was our home for 60 minutes, and it served its purpose well. With nothing being out of place or obtrusive.
The space was big enough for 6 people to fit in comfortably and move around to investigate. (It may be worth noting that there is an element of crawling, but the way the game is designed means that if there is a member of your team who can’t crawl/bend then there will be plenty to keep them occupied)
A gorgeous room that is perfect to theme, and decoration.

Game Play:
An open game, there are so many knobs, levers, buttons, pullies, pushies and things to play with that you could waste a lot of time just investigating this room, it’s so tactile!
The puzzles were maths, logic, decoding, observation, skill, pattern matching, word, searching… It really covered so much ground with its puzzles, and there was something for everyone to solve. Puzzles were out in the open to find and solve, some puzzles were locked away until you needed them and others were a mix of the two previous types.
There was not a padlock to be found in this room, and this further cements my ideology of “it doesn’t matter what you use to open something as long as the puzzle is GOOD” and this room hit that on the head. Each and every puzzle was logical, clear, concise and left no margin for error. There were a couple of meta-puzzles that came together throughout the game and the final puzzle was a dream to solve, so satisfying and fun!
The ultimate finale to the room was exhilarating and sent us on a manic hunt like we’re not experienced in a long while (and the fact that we had less than 2 minutes to complete it helped the urgency somewhat)
A wonderfully designed room that benefits from its lack of padlocks to deliver intelligent puzzle with ah-ha moments that never stopped.
The flow was fast-paced, from the moment we stepped into the room to the second we escaped there was no stopping the cascade of puzzles and tasks we had to complete within the hour. We did encounter a couple of pesky tech problems, but Adam fixed them and it didn’t impact the game play at all.
This is a game that I whole-heartedly recommend, it’s a lot of fun and a win is exciting!
I would, however only recommend it it experienced players, this is by no means a beginners game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen, and the game was sort of self service. When a clue was available you had to press a button to accept it, when you did, the hint was on the screen immediately.
You could also self clue if you felt you needed a little extra nudge!

Game Host:
Adam was our game host, He ran our game with precision and even through a couple of tech mishaps was professional.

Did we escape?
Yes, with less than a minute to go!

Website: http://trappedin.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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