Escape Sheffield – Contagion

Escape Sheffield – Contagion.
Location: Sheffield
Game Date 18/11/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian.


“In order to retrieve the vaccine you must find a way to defeat the lock down on the laboratory. The quarantine timer is set to 60 minutes, after which the room and all traces of your work will be incinerated. You must do this if the rest of humanity is to benefit from your work.”

Theming was spot on, metal tables and actual real “lab” equipment (for set decoration purposes only) clinical and sterile.
A really god set which is quite immersive! It could have been abandoned just before we arrived. Well lit and spacious, this room could easily accommodate the maximum of 5 players.

Game Play:
A linear game that used maths, observation, logic, and a couple of physical puzzles (including a neat trick that we did see in another room, but was still a lot fun!) The game was beautifully logical, straight and cohesive.
The logic of the room was flawless, with each puzzle being clear, concise and a joy to solve.
Each puzzle had wonderful ah-ha moments, and there was no ambiguity in the puzzles. The answers were clear cut and solid.
A very slick game that had absolutely no sticking points, every puzzle and clue lead perfectly to the next and it was clear which direction we had to go in.
That being said, the flow was impeccable and faultless. A lovely game to play.
This game would suit a beginner team looking for a more challenging room, and enthusiasts looking for a well executed lab room.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Ashleigh was our game host, and she was incredibly warm, and welcoming. We could chat to her all day (and well, we did as contagion was our first of 3 games at Escape Sheffield!)

Did we escape?
Yes, in 36 minutes!

Website: https://www.escape-sheffield.co.uk/
Escape Sheffield run a flat price per person:

Adults – £20

Under 16s – £15

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