2017, what a year!

Happy New Year folks!
I’m going to try my best not to waffle on too much, as I’m sure you have party prep to make, or even an escape room to go to (lucky!)
2017 was a brilliant year in escaping for us, we hit 100, then 150, then 200! We got utterly spoiled by all the owners at each venue and we love them all for spoiling us so generously

I was also asked to speak on an enthusiasts panel at the very first Escape Room Conference “E.R.I.C.” Which was an exhilarating, exciting and somewhat nauseating experience, thank you Sera & Si for inviting me to speak. What a day we had!

We’ve up and down the country, become incredibly familiar with the UK’s motorways and visited more towns and cities than we ever have before, in fact… I drew up a little infographic to summarise 2017:

A year of escaping
As you can see, we may not be the quickest off the block, but our main focus of escaping is having fun, and boy do we do that, so to every single owner, company, establishment and game that we have played in 2017 THANK YOU. As long as you keep building we will keep playing and writing about all these crazy adventures within 4 walls!
I thought it would be fun to note a few of my favourite rooms that I have played THIS year, and this year only! Let it be said, this was incredibly hard to choose and a close run race so here we go, a top 5 of 2017 in no particular order:

1. Make Your Escape – Spellbound
2. Time Run – Celestial Chain
3. Unescapable – Edith
5. Tulley’s Escape Room – The Outfitters

These 5 rooms are ones that I remember distinctly, had great game play, great sets and were all round fantastic games. We have definitely seen a rise in excellent games throughout 2017 and hope the trend continues into next year!

Here’s to 2018 and plenty more escaping (and hopefully celebrating 300!!)

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