Product Review: Escape from the Room: The Curse of Old Maid Milly

Product Review: Escape from the Room: The Curse of Old Maid Milly.

This is an unusual review, as the book version of “The Curse of Old Maid Milly” is directly take from the ACTUAL game, which is located in Surrey (www.escapefromtheroom.co.uk) A game which has had a review from Ken at The Logic Escapes Me

“60 minutes locked in the room where Milly mysteriously died after living the life of a recluse for many years. Something is stopping Milly’s soul resting in peace – search the room, find the clues and unravel the mystery that will ultimately set you free – all the while wondering whether Milly is still in the room with you.”

Obviously there was no physical theming, but was was put into the book in term of story and detail really set the scene and was incredibly detailed and descriptive, I could picture the room in my mind’s eye and this helped immensely with the puzzles. It really captured me and suckered me in for the entire time I played!

Game Play:
A linear game, it had to be because of the structure of the book, where the puzzles would reveal the next page you should travel too. Excellent design that kept you bouncing from page to page. The puzzles were incredibly logical, enjoyable and the solutions had nice ah-ha moments, they were varied as much as they can be on paper! I can imagine the physical version of a lot of these puzzles being VERY fun!
The flow within the book was lovely, and at one point I was solving so quickly and fluidly that I couldn’t keep up with myself!
In short, this is a lovely book that will satisfy the itch in between games, that you could put a timer on and try and complete in 60 minutes, or a perfect book to keep with you to play when you get a spare 5 minutes.

Clue System:
You can get hints by visitng a special website

Game Host:
Well, as I was my own game host, I have to say I was fabulous 😉

Did we escape?
Yes, the book to me about an hour (on my own)

Website: http://www.amazon.co.uk for about £11

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