Escape Reality – Machina

Escape Reality – Machina.
Location: Leeds
Game Date: 02/04/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian


“A team of high-tech scientists and programmers have assembled to perform ground breaking experiments in developing the first instance of true artificial intelligence known to man. You have just been accepted onto the team of scientists and have arrived at their headquarters. After a few days you realise that scientists are suddenly leaving and that these robots are showing scarily human-like emotions. You decide that you need to leave as quickly as possible as something peculiar is happening, but all of the doors have been locked trapping you and the rest of the team inside. Can you all escape before you reluctantly become a part of the experiment?”

A large room with a definite emphasis on technology with not a lock in sight! The room was large and spacious, easily accommodating the max number of players. There were some nice touches in the decoration, with some lovely big TV screens holding vital information adorning the walls. The room was quite dimly lit, but torches were provided for our use.
The room wasn’t too immersive, as the puzzles seemed layered on to the room, rather than integral to the story.

Game Play:
A linear game that focused on maths, logic and problem solving.
The maths based puzzled were derived more from something you’d see in a puzzle magazine rather than specifically designed for escape rooms, but they were logical and sound in their answers.
The other puzzles were interesting and engaging, but required some logic leaps to come to the conclusions.
The flow was good, it is a shame that Escape Reality use the iPad cluing system as this makes it a little to obvious as to where you’re heading to next within the game.
The game flowed nicely to its finale yet the final puzzle felt a little lackluster and simple compared to the previous puzzles in the room.

Clue System:
As I’ve said in my previous reviews, and I feel it needs repeating: “Escape Reality has a clue system that is unique to their franchise. You are given an iPad which includes your countdown timer, and also a QR code scanner. At various points in the game there are stickers next to each puzzle, these are numbered (so in themselves give you an indication on how you’re to approach the room) – if you are stuck on a puzzle you can scan the code, and get a solution (with a penalty of +5 minutes to your time) or you can press a hint button and the game host will come into the room to give you a hint (free of time penalties)
I didn’t like this, I don’t like self cluing my games at the best of times, and I dislike like getting penalties for needing a hint! (I feel it makes the player feel defeated using the codes for a hint!) – of course this might work really well for super competitive people, it’s just not my cup of tea!”
I still dislike this system, in fact I flat out refused to scan for a clue! The time penalty is ludicrous.

Game Host:
Lauren was our game host and she delivered a thorough briefing and good hints when we requested through the hint button.

Did we escape?
Yes, 52 minutes!

Website:  http://www.escapereality.com/leeds/
2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £85
6 Players £96

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