Project Breakout – The Dollmaker

Project Breakout – The Dollmaker.
Location: Brighouse
Game Date – 02/04/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian


“A serial killer is on the loose. Can you avoid becoming his next victim?

The police have nicknamed the killer ‘The Dollmaker’, due to the macabre way he displays his victims after their death, dressed in handmade garments reminiscent of another era, and clutching in their hand an exact replica doll of themselves.

You have read about him in the papers, even seen the items on the news, but it doesn’t really affect you right? Things like that only happen to other people, doesn’t it? You’re too busy concentrating on your night out to pay much attention anyway…

Fast forward 24 hours. You wake to find yourself and your friends in strange surroundings. The scene is reminiscent of a horror movie. Bloody handprints all over the walls, strange medical devices scattered around the room, and worst of all, The Dolls, So Many Dolls!! As fear begins to creep in you realise you are in the lair of ‘The Dollmaker’ himself. Who knows how long it will be until he returns? Have you got what it takes to escape his evil clutches before you become yet another showpiece in his sick and twisted collection?”

A large room that was very well decorated with lots of thought and detail presented in the decor, there are lovely subtle nods to doll making, with sewing kits, dolls around the place, and creepy pictures adorning the walls. The room also portrays the serial killer aspect well, with just the right amount of blood smearing and macabre details in the decor.
The room was lit well, but torches were still provided. The room is plenty large enough for the maximum team size.
Overall a really well detailed and suitably creepy, but not scary room that delivers layers of story and immersion within the decor.

Game Play:
A linear game, that encompassed plenty of unique puzzles. Logic, observation, physical being the focus of this game.
Each and every puzzle was beautifully constructed with clear logic and wonderful ah-ha moments.
The excellence in the puzzles was added to by the theming, each and every puzzle and resulting answer was perfectly in theme and delivered a little more depth and story. A really well thought out path through the puzzles gave insight into the character and deviousness of the Doll Maker.
The flow was wonderful, with puzzles leading to solutions, clear signposting and concise logical answers with no ambiguity as to which lock to input the code into. Slick, intelligent and quirky.
The puzzles were all so interesting as they really did continue the theme, story, with elements being available from the start, and by the time you came to use them the satisfaction was undeniable.
A brilliant game, one which will please enthusiasts with it’s quirks and unusual puzzles and slick gameplay.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a voice over

Game Host:
Benn was our game host and was wonderful, warm, friendly and ran our game to perfection!

Did we escape?
Yes in 44 minutes!

Website: https://www.projectbreakout.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £60
5 Players £70

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