Escape From The Room – The Curse of old Maid Milly

Escape From The Room – The Curse of old Maid Milly.
Location: Epsom (no longer locted at a house)
Game Date: 18/04/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian

Vintage spooky doll
You may be reading this thinking… Amy.. this is familiar, I’m sure you’ve already reviewed this game… well, yes, and no. Nathen has written a book version of the game, which I reviewed a few months ago (here) and whilst there are some similarities in terms of story, and a couple of puzzles, the physical game is very different!

“60 minutes locked in the room where Milly mysteriously died after living the life of a recluse for many years. Something is stopping Milly’s soul resting in peace – search the room, find the clues and unravel the mystery that will ultimately set you free – all the while wondering whether Milly is still in the room with you.”

Escape From The Room is unusual in its location being in a house, this sets the room up really well and allows for a very immersive atmosphere a typical bedroom that contains all the secrets of the tale of Old Maid Milly.
Whilst the website professes Old Maid Milly to be quite dark and scary, it isn’t. There are a couple of jump scares and moments but on the whole the story of Milly is a good old fashioned ghost story in a immersive setting.
Milly really delivers on story, this is given in the pre-game videos and interspersed through the room, and woven into the puzzle, and comes to a wonderful conclusion.

Game Play:
A game which swung between linear and open, using this to draw the team together at pivotal points within the story.
The puzzles were an excellent mix of logic, word, observation, searching, physical, critical and analytical thinking. All very clever and logical.
The puzzles all had wonderful ah-ha moments and were a joy to solve! Pitched at a good difficulty level, with a couple of harder moments in the bonus section of the game.
The flow was excellent, with good signposting and clear indication as to where our next move was.
The most impressive thing about Milly was the subtle storytelling, this was evident in the book version, but it really translates to the room itself and it was lovely, and heartbreaking to find the conclusion and draw the story to the end within the bonus puzzles.
A wonderfully designed room that is clearly built with passion, dedication and love and this just shines through in the puzzles and game flow.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an iPad in the room

Game Host:
Nathen was our game host and was truly wonderful, so passionate and a true enthusiast! We loved chatting to him and he delivered hints with precision timing!

Did we escape?
Yes! We got the key in 43 minutes and stayed a little while longer to complete the bonus game!

Website: https://www.escapefromtheroom.co.uk
2 Players £55
3 Players £65
4 Players £65
5 Players £75
6 Players £75

You can add on an extra 30 minutes at Escape From the Room for £30

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