Immersive Events – Prison Break 2018

Immersive Events – Prison Break 2018.
Location: Shrewsbury
Date: 28/07/2018
Team: Amy & Ian

We were lucky to be invited to Immersive Event’s Prison Break for the 3rd time (having visited twice in 2017 – review is here)

Would we learn from our mistakes and make it all the way to the end? Would the game be completely different? Would we even escape the prison itself? Read on to find out!

Prison starts promptly at 11am, and we were herded into the yard to go through processing, which was much more fun and even more interactive than last year, with officers and guards singling people out left, right and centre… and even a full on physical warm up to get us pumped for the next 3 hours of running round the prison.

Ok… so maybe not a full phsyical warm up but enough to get the adrenaline going and loosen those tight quads (honestly I have no idea what we loosend up)

Introductions from those in charge were given and we were then taken into the unit, where we donned our fetching orange jumpsuits… this was a slicker operation with the addition of a video to introduce the game and get us rolling on our way.
Suited and booted we were taken into our cells, the prison is certainly formidable, it opened in 1793 and was in use until  2013. 4 floors of small, cramped brick built cells that there is no escape from once locked in from the outside. The most realistc prison game you’re ever going to play! Coupled with the excellent acting from the guards and fellow prisoners the immersion is 100% and you can easily get carried away, and loose yourself to the scenario!
We coincidently found ourselves int he EXACT same cell we were in on our 2nd prison escape… spooky!

The game truely began in the cell, with puzzles and riddles to solve, there was a lot more to do in the initial cell phase thatn last time, which lead to a smoother flow once out of the cell and into the prison, without giving too much away, your first task is to break out of the prison and there are several different ways of doing this, you could go back time and time again and never do the same route twice, each time we have created a completley different scenario for the game, and this gives a sense of realism and openess that is unparalleled (and with lots of people all trying to escape, well needed)

There are lots of different characters to meet around the prison, all acted well and each indiviual brought something new to the game. The characters can help, or hinder you… and it’s up to you to figure out who to trust! Our highlights had to be the priest (for the sheer cheek of super-baptising me) and our fellow musically minded prisoner… I don’t think I’ll ever see “It’s raining men” in the same light again! After breaking out via the magic of musical theatre, we were left to our own devices to take to the streets to solve the final part of the game… but too much info on that would be telling… expect to get well aquainted with Shrewsbury though!

The game this year has been honed and streamlined to give a better, more puzzley, yet still fantastically immersive flow. There are lots of elements to take in and they all culminate with 1 person winning the £150 cash prize! Unfortunately this wasn’t us, but we had all the pieces… time just wasn’t on our side so we made a hasty retreat back to the prison (after all that time incarcerated the outside world was frightening)

Prison Break is a great game the blends LARP, Escape Games and Immersive Game Play into one 3 -4 hour treat! Tricky, Challenging and a heap of fun! Highly Reccomended – make sure you dress appropriatley and limber up beforehand!

The last Prison Break of 2018 is on Saturday September 8th! It’s a must do!

Website: http://www.imevents.global/prison-escape-1

Tickets are priced at £45 per person, with a minimum age of 16 years

For another glimpse into the day, have a look at Lauren’s vlog:

2 thoughts on “Immersive Events – Prison Break 2018”

  1. This looks insanely good. On the website it says it takes place in a real, “operational” prison. Is that true? It certainly looks real, but I would assume it was a derelict or repurposed jail.


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