CyberQ – Alice in Wonderland

CyberQ – Alice in Wonderland.
Location: Worcester
Game Date: 18/08/2019.
Team – Amy & Ian


“Alice is a girl who loves to dream. She likes to tell amazing stories about weird places and uncommon characters, but no one listens to her or believes her. One day, Alice decides to prove to everyone that her stories are real but on her quest to do this, she went missing. Last time parents saw her, she went to sleep as normal in her bedroom but by the morning, she was missing! It’s up to you to find her. Follow the clues and find your way around this magical wonderland”

A really well decorated space, the room takes you straight to wonderland and puts you right into the action, with all the characters and zaniness you’d expect from being in Wonderland. The immersion was good, and coupled with a fitting sound track this gave a perception of being in another world.
The space was large and well lit, but did require a small amount of crawling to and from Wonderland.
Big enough for the maximum numbers, especially when the space opened up to the larger Wonderland area.

Game Play:
A game that swung between open and linear, yet kept it’s charm throughout. A good range of puzzles, word, observation, searching, logic, & sound.
The puzzles were all fun & logical and didn’t require any logic leaps or outside knowledge, the addition of a “guidebook” of sorts really served to drive the game along and point you in the correct direction.
Flow was wonderful, with subtle, yet clear signposting (both in game, and the book) leading us along our journey into wonderland. With no sticky bits or illogical moments, this game almost played itself!
A good introductory game, and a great game for children.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie

Game Host:
Our game host was polite, and attentive. We didn’t have too much intereaction with her during the hour!

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 28 minutes

Website: https://cyberq.co.uk
2 Players £36
3 Players £51
4 Players £64
5 Players £75
6 Players £84

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