Bewilder Box: The Bewilder Box Initiative

Bewilder Box: The Bewilder Box Initiative
Location: Brighton
Game Date: 23/08/2018
Team: Amy, Ian & Jane




A detailed and fully realised backstory that led to a clinical yet stylised test chamber with a decided industrial feel to it, a cool looking set that served to provide a backdrop for the puzzles contained within, and not lead to any distractions, yet it still gave you a good sense of story and excellent immersion!
The space itself was HUGE and key componants set to draw your attention to specific puzzles worked beautifully. The lighting was good and never hampered our gameplay.

Game Play:
An open game that was a smorgasboard of puzzles, logic, word, sound, smell, observation, physical, tactile… pretty much every single puzzle type and trope was explored in Bewilder Box which made for a very busy, yet very fulfilling hour of sheer puzzling joy!
The puzzles were all incredibly logical, fun and had excellent ah-ha moments. There were so many hands on puzzles that really got creative in their design and excecution.
The flow was impeccable, with excellent signposting leading us to each puzzle and leaving us with no ambiguity in the soloutions whatsoever.
A game that has clearly been refinied, and tailored to perfection, it was a pleasure to play and delivered good story with excellent puzzles
Enthusiasts, test yourself and take a 2 or 3, Newbies would do well with a group of 5 or 6 (there’s really enough to do for everyone!)

Clue System:
D.A.V.E. was our clue system, we’d heard loads of great things about him,  but unfortunately he was a bit subdued on our visit… maybe he’ll be a bit chattier in Judgement D.A.V.E.?

Game Host:
Zinta was our game host, she was professional and friendly and ran our game well.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 44 minutes

Website: https://bewilderbox.co.uk/
The price is for the whole room:
Peak – £110
Off Peak – £80

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