Pier Pressure – Modrophenia

Pier Pressure – Modrophenia
Location: Brighton
Game Date: 24/08/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“Modrophenia is a classic murder mystery puzzle hunt with a twist! You and your team take on the roles of a gang of Mods in 1964 Brighton who are investigating the murder of one of their friends. Puzzles, riddles and discovery will lead you to uncover more and more of the story, but will you find out what happened in time?”

Modrophenia looks cool and oozes that 60s vibe! With geometric patterns, bold colours and a real Mod feel.
Decorated to a high standard, and with the addition of a pinball machine, vespa and even a guitar Modrophenia creates an immersive world that is a groovy place to play in!
The space is good, but I would feel it may be a bit squeezy with 9 people for the first few minutes, but this soon opens up to give a larger play area for the remainder of the game.
Lighting was excellent and we never had any problems.

Game Play:
A fairly open game that encompasses MASSES of puzzles. Sound, observation, deduction, word, logic, meta, visual, physical… so many puzzle types were found in Modrophenia.
The puzzles were all on theme, and interesting in their design and excecution, with excellent ah-ha moments and sublime logic.
The twist was excecuted well and came as a shock to me, but it didn’t ruin the flow of the room at all, and didn’t stall the team or become to much of a difficult stumbling block.
The flow was wonderful, with so many puzzles going at once there was little time to pause and breath, but it was incredibly satisfying, yet frantic!
Signposting was good, more subtle than in Pavillion Perplex, but Modrophenia is a harder room so that is to be expected!
Enthusiasts really wanting to test themselves should take a team of 3 – you’ll get maximum puzzle involvement and enjoyment out of the game this way.
Newer player take 5/6 – there’s a tonne to do so you’re gonna need all the man-power you can get!

Clue System:
Clues were available via a telephone!

Game Host:
Our game host was in character and delivered a great story to our room. It was also great to chat to Phil (Pier Pressure’s owner) who was warm, welcoming and gave us a great thorough pre-game brief.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 53 minutes

Website: https://pierpressure.co.uk/

2 Players £55
3 Players £75
4 Players £94
5 Players £110
6 Players £120
7 Players £140
8 Players £160
9 Players £180

Off Peak:
2 Players £45
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £90
7 Players £105
8 Players £120
9 Players £135

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