Clue HQ – Hellevator

Clue HQ – Hellevator
Location: Birmingham
Game Date: 20/09/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“As reality shows dominate your televisions, Clue HQ have decided to team up with Clue Tube to bring you the latest Escape Room, but with a twist. Face trials concocted by the genius minds of Professor Errol Tepet and Dr. Psik as you compete for the prize of your life! Can your team reach Floor 13 before time runs out? Come on down and see for yourself! You could be the next reality television star. That is, if you can make it out in one piece. Sign up now to take part in the pilot episode of The Hellevator!”

Hellevator looks cool, dim and dingy and like… well.. an elevator, but it’s more maintenance service than a posh glass one!
Industrial and gritty, cluehq have done a great job with theming, immersion and creating a great story with some sinister characters, I just wish we saw more of them throughout the game, the scope was there!
A room with lots of flair and dramatics, with smoke, lazers and even motion. Hellevator really delivers from a theatrical standpoint
A very large space, that will fit 6 people with ease. At times lighting is dim but it never impacted game play.

Game Play:
A linear game that had many different types of puzzles. Logic, word, math, observation, physical, skill… all bases were firmly covered ensuring there was plenty for the whole team, and boy was there plenty! Hellevator is jammed full of puzzles and it’s amazing to see the room unfold and wonder where everything came from!
The puzzles were at times easy and at time frustrating, but this was created for us by a small technical failure (due to us being a team of 2) which lead to us opening something WAY earlier than we should have done and confusing us for about a third of the game, unfortunate but it was dealt with in an incredibly professional manner at the end of the game, and the flow was explained to us thoroughly.
Ah-ha moments came with gusto, and once settled, there was no discrepancy in the answers (although there were a fair few locks to pop them into!)
The flow was frantic, with each floor getting more and more fast-paced in its design, and piling the pressure on as cluehq seems to do in their own inimitable way!
A game that is a unique and bold design, which will please enthusiasts in its sheer amount of puzzles and great atmosphere.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Leah was our gamehost, she was friendly and polite and delivered clues well.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes

Website: https://cluehq.co.uk/birmingham

2 Players – £44 per person
3 Players – £63 per person
4 Players – £76 per person
5 Players – £85 per person
6 Players – £90 per person

2 Players – £50 per person
3 Players – £69 per person
4 Players – £84 per person
5 Players – £90 per person
6 Players – £96 per person

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