Archimedes Inspiration – Kill Mad

Archimedes Inspiration – Kill Mad
Location: London
Game Date: 30/09/2018
Team: Amy, Ian, Benn & Jane


“Strange things are happening in the Sally Star King Hospital. The centre has been vacated for years, yet screams and noises can still be heard inside at night. Does your team have what it takes to investigate and expose the secrets inside? If you are looking for a narrative puzzle game with a psychological twist, this is your room. Be cautious and enter at your own risk.”

A simple, yet immersive space that served the narrative very well. The decoration was suitably creepy but never scary. A good representation of a hospital that was tastefully done and treated the subject matter of mental health with the utmost respect. This game takes you on a journey, and as you piece together the evidence and discover the nature of what is happening the game takes on a sinister, yet thought-provoking twist. This, in turn, leads to a final decision that will split groups and cause much debate, and it is WORTH debating and thinking about those decisions.
The room was large enough for the max team size of 6 and had appropriate, atmospheric lighting throughout

Game Play:
A linear game that was heavily narrative driven. The puzzles were varied with physical, touch, observation, skill, logic and sequencing all playing a part. The finale “puzzle” was excellent and could end up being quite a talking… or arguing point for a lot of teams. It ties the game together and gives a satisfying conclusion no matter what the outcome.
The game delivers on good puzzles, logical and fair with excellent ah-ha moments that demand good, solid teamwork. One puzzle, in particular, tested that teamwork to the max and it was a joy to solve!
The flow was remarkable and the subtle signposting and exposition in the narrative really drove the game along and made sure you took notice of everything.
An excellent game that will really take anyone who plays on a journey, from newbie to experienced. Kill mad provokes critical thinking and empathy and for this, I applaud it for treating a subject that is easily appropriated with grace and tactfulness.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via mobile phone

Game Host:
Kou was our game host and he was wonderful, setting the scene and creating a great atmosphere before entering the room. He was clearly watching us very closely as clues came with perfect timing and precision and we had a full debrief after the game too.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 45 minutes

3 Players £90
4 Players £110
5 Players £130
6 Players £150

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