Trapp’d – Legend of Drakon

Trapp’d – Legend of Drakon
Location: Wellingborough
Game Date: 13/11/2018
Team: Amy, Ian, Ashley, Laurence


“Sometimes, memories are the worst form of torture. The village used to be a cheerful, bustling township in the midst of the Kingdom. Now, it is but a forlorn kenopsia. When the curse fell upon the district, nearly everyone fled in fear. There are only a handful of villagers who still occupy the town, too afraid to leave incase the looming presence that attacked the village all those years ago deems them dishonourable. That same formidable beast now resides in what was once a mighty castle just past the edge of the village. The once tall, proud standing turrets and flags now lay in pieces, broken and displaced. For the most part, the beast is a silent resident, only emerging to hunt food or remind the townspeople of his intimidating presence and complete control.

The cursed goblet was the cause of the heinous destruction. Everyone in all the kingdom, from the depths of the deepest valley to the peaks of the tallest mountain knew about the famed beast and his prized goblet. The goblet was just one of his many, many treasures but this piece in particular was special. They say it held the power to transform any cowardly boy into an almighty god, strong and respected. Feared across all the Kingdom. But the beast would never let anyone get close enough to confirm the rumours. At 58 feet long from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail, deep crimson scales and a phoenix coloured crest. Dark, billowing smoke leaked menacingly from his nostrils and his eyes were ablaze with fury. He was a force to be reckoned with and they called him… Drakon.

One day, a young pauper took it upon himself to go in search of the goblet. He trekked across bright yellow fields, over cobbled grey bridges and trailed through royal blue rivers until he reached the cave in which Drakon occupied. Tiptoeing in ever so quietly, he attempted to take possession of the goblet but just as he was about to lay a finger upon the goblet, Drakon awoke. He let out a magnificent bellow and the pauper was reduced to a pile of ash in an instant. Drakon was so infuriated by the arrogance and disobedience of the people that he immediately began a frenzied rampage through the kingdom. He destroyed whole villages and forests, anything in his path was torched to rubble by the boundless flames his deep breaths produced. Finally, he began his attack on the King’s castle. People fled in hurried panic, some cowered in their homes and others were silly enough to try to stop him. Almost 20 years later, the Kingdom is a shell of what it once was. That merciless day will remain a regretful memory forever, the day the kingdom burned; the day the townspeople lost everything.

The few who still remain in a state of surviving know what must be done, but all are too afraid to attempt it. If only someone was brave enough to take the goblet and release the kingdom from Drakon’s immortal grasp…”

Well done to you on reading the story yet again!
The story portrays little to do with the room we played, there was no signs of any goblet, so I am glad I read the story after playing. That being said, we had a lot of fun in this room… the entire hour played out like a sketch from the Holy Grail… such is life in medieval england.
The room looked great, from the living room of the King’s house, to the courtyard outside, the space was simplet decorated but effective, capturing the medival flair and dankness of the time.
The room was again, MASSIVE. The amount of space Trapp’d must have is immense. The room was more than big enough for the maximum of 6 players.
Lighting was dim, but just enough to not impact on the game and create a nice atmosphere.

Game Play:
A linear game that consisted of logic, codebreaking, scavenger hunting, search and observational puzzles.
Puzzles were nicely theme and aside from one were good in their logic. There was nice interaction with the room and the puzzles all were solveable on their own (except the one puzzle that could have been excecuted a little better) – they all had great ah-ha moments.
The flow was fun, and we were kept moving from one puzzle to the next alongside moments of sheer sillyness on our part.
Signposting was excellent, and there were some really nice touches to keep the game clear and fuss free.
A great game for newbies and enthusiasts alike!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a voice over

Game Host:
Our game host was friendly, and delivered clues at appropriate times throughout the game. We had a slight issure during the game and this was fixed in a professional and unintrusive manner.

Did we escape?
Yes, in around 45 minutes

Website: https://trappd.com/book-now/wellingborough/
2 Players £39
3 Players £49
4 Players £59
5 Players £69
6 Players £79


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