Lucardo – University of Magic: Dragon’s Heart

Lucardo – University of Magic: Dragon’s Heart
Location: Rawtenstall
Game Date: 14/12/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“An announcement has been made in the University of Magic – the Dragon’s Heart has been stolen! Without this, magic as we know it is at risk. Rumours are circulating that it was seen in Oggles Magic Shop. Your task is to use your magical powers to enter Oggles, recover The Dragon’s Heart and return it back to the University of Magic. Dark forces are involved, so take care on this quest.”

UOM looks amazing, with a fully immersive set that has left no stone unturned, with 360-degree set design and intricate attention to detail, it’s easy to get distracted looking at all the pretty accoutrements on the shelves around Mr Oggles’ shop! A secure and robust build, that was plenty large enough for the maximum team size of 6 and well lit, but still atmospheric.
A lovely soundtrack accompanies the room, which was magical and well fitting to the theme but not intrusive.
A gem of a room to look at and play in, we were thoroughly immersed in the world of University of Magic yet again.

Game Play:
An open game, that is filled with lovely on-theme puzzles.
Puzzle types were varied, but leaned more towards observation, practical, and logic puzzles.
A  highlight of this room was the practical nature of the puzzles, with a lot of them consisting of creating real magic and mixing potions!
The puzzles were all perfectly logical, and had wonderful ah-ha moments without being taxing or brain-busting. Quite often the puzzles were a result of previous exploration and observation. When all the pennies dropped the ah-ha moments came with aplomb.
Whilst not a puzzle-heavy room, in that puzzles are not arbitrary and superfluous, there is still plenty to do. UOM is a pure experience, with every puzzle being intrinsically linked to the room, theme and story. That experience gives UOM another level of game play- this interaction with the room itself was excellent, and really aided in the immersion.
The flow was excellent, with smooth game play and no natural sticking points.
The flow of the room encourages exploration and interaction, and this was a wonderful addition to the room, everything is tactile and realistic.
Signposting was excellent, with just enough within the room to guide but not hand-hold.
An excellent game, that is going to please any player, from newbies to enthusiasts, and those in between!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Simon was our game host and his enthusiasm and passion flooded over into his hosting, giving us a warm welcome and delivering great clues with precision timing.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 40 minutes.

Website: https://lucardo.com/rawtenstall
2 Players £44
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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