Project Breakout – Operation Clearsafe

Project Breakout – Operation Clearsafe
Location: Brighouse
Game Date: 22/05/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“For years there have been whispers of a top secret facility hidden somewhere in the English countryside, where dangerous and inhumane experiments have taken place on animals and humans alike.

Rumours of Cloning.

Rumours of sinister Hybrid Species.

Rumours of Mutant Subjects created by sick and twisted scientists.

But that is all they have ever been. Just rumours. UNTIL NOW………….”

I’ll preface this by saying that Clearsafe is SCARY. Incredibly scary, psychological scares and jump scares. If you are of a nervous position this room may test that to its limits.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the room… Clearsafe looks amazing, it uses the real basement of the building, which gives atmosphere from the get-go. The decor, set dressing and theming is perfect. With different areas conveying different feels from the cosy lab to the menacing experiment cages, no stone was left unturned in its attention to detail.

There was enough to look at without the decore becoming over encompassing or distracting (although we did spend a little bit of time mistaking some pretty set decoration for a puzzle due to our previous experience!)
The detail in the sets was exceptional and really served the game to its utmost and with excellent lighting and sound effects created a brilliant atmosphere.

Immersion was 100%, with the use of a walkie for communication, there was no need for screens or timers to ruin the theme. This 100% threw you into the world of clearsafe, making those all important scares more impactful and creative.
The scares came thick and fast and are ultimately tailored to your group. With the perfect amount of intensity and pressure this created a tense, scary atmosphere, but with enough respite to not push us over the edge.

All in all, Project Breakout have created a wonderful, immersive and terrifying room, and it’s pretty close to perfection.

Game Play:
A linear game that consisted of logic, observation, searching, math, word, codebreaking and physical/skill puzzles.
The puzzles were all perfectly pitched to cope with the scare level of the room. Whilst not being too easy, they were all perfectly logical (as we’d expect from Project Breakout) and solvable under intense pressure, and boy did they keep coming, a truly puzzle packed room!
The puzzles were all in theme, fun and had wonderful ah-ha moments and the elegance in the solutions gave such a good confidence in the room (which is so important under the pressure of the scariness!) – once you cracked the logic of a puzzle you knew that the solution was going to be solid and delivered.
The flow was exceptional. Fast-paced and intense, but with cleverly delivered moments of calm within the storm that is Clearsafe. The scares were never put in place to set us back or slow us down. They only served to well, scare us. There was a clever mix of all types of scares possible and in the end the game became a real “cat and mouse” endeavour, with the psychological aspect being used in great force.
Signposting was perfect, and within a pressured situation was well received and served to make the game flow even better.
I could go on & on about how amazing Clearsafe was, but without spoilers, it’s really hard, expect a high-paced game with twists, turns, scares, laughs and plenty of super duper inventive puzzles.
Operation Clearsafe was an instant hit with us, yes it’s intense, yes it’s scary, but on top of that it delivers unique puzzles, exhilarating moments and a frantic fast paced finale coupled with story & 100% immersion.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie

Game Host:
Benn was our game host, and it was wonderful talking to him as usual, Benn’s enthusiasm and passion is clear and really shines through! Clues were delivered with impeccable timing

Did we escape?
Yes, in 52 minutes… setting the record. I think adrenaline helped!

Website: https://www.projectbreakout.co.uk
Price: £25pp flat rate from 4-6 players

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