Xscape Now – The Bankjob

Xscape Now – The Bank job
Location: Telford
Game Date: 16/07/2019
Team: Amy & Ian

bank job

“When it comes to robbing banks, John E. Cash is the man. No bank, no vault, no security system can keep him out and the Old Bill have never got close to catching him.

John E. picks his team well and rewards them generously. He demands loyalty and doesn’t take kindly to any of his team stepping out of line.

During their last bank heist some of his gang got careless and nearly caused the job to be abandoned. That was a big mistake, and their last mistake. Those guys are now sleeping with the fishes.

But every cloud, and all that. There’s now an opportunity to fill the gaps in John E.’s crew and he’s looking for the best. He’s identified people that he thinks might be good enough to make the grade, and you’re one of them.

You are now a member of one of two teams he has assembled and he’s set the groups a challenge to rob the same bank. Whichever team enters the vault first and steals the contents will get to join Cash’s gang. The losing team will be left to their fate with the cops; make sure you are on the winning side.”

When you start you’re given the option of staring from the sweet shop, or record shop and me being me chose the sweet shop (even though you can’t eat any of the sweets!!) The decoration was lovely, charming and well finished.
There was a good sense of immersion and nothing in the room was out of place or distracting. Moving on to the bank vault, in stark contrast to the sweet shop this set was glossy, grey and clinical, everything that you’d imagine a bank to be!
The space wasnt huge, but you’ll never find more than 4 players in the room and the game is more than ample for that small number of players. Lighting was excellent throughout and never hampered gameplay.
A very well thought out and decorated room. It’s clear that xscape now have put tones of love and care into creating this room!

Game Play:
A fairly linear game that brought some open moments and plenty of puzzling fun.
Puzzles were varied and consisted of word, logic, observation, deduction, math and some light searching.
Each puzzle was perfectly in theme and tailored to the individual start. With both teams (if you choose to go head to head) completing the same game with the individual theme. A very clever way of keeping the game competitive, yet different.
All the puzzles throughout were excellent in their logic and very quickly into the game we found confidence in the style of puzzles and logical gameplay. Ah-ha moments came thick and fast and there was a good sense of discovery within the puzzles.
Flow was smooth and due to the sound logic of the room, we didn’t feel there were any deliberate slowdowns or sticky points.
Signposting was wonderful, subtle yet easily followed throughout the room.
Overall a very good, enjoyable and playable room. The game is perfectly pitched to be a great versus room and I would wholeheartedly recommend that you take enough people to split into 2 teams and battle against each other!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Gordon was our host and he was wonderful, delivering a brilliant story and perfectly timed clues within the game. Allowing us to really discover and figure out the puzzles on our own (and when needed with his cryptic nudges)

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 45 minutes

Website: https://www.xscapenow.co.uk/
2 Players £46
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90
7 Players £105
8 Players £120

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