Adrenaline – Kidnapped

Adrenaline – Kidnapped
Location: Wigan
Game Date: 23/08/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“Your team is the last hope of capturing the infamous kidnapper known as ‘The Ghost’. 17 victims have vanished without a trace some of whom have been found dead days later. Is this the night the kidnapper will finally be caught? All you have is the small bag you picked up on your way out of the station. You must break into the flat and secure the premises, then find a way to contact reinforcements and crack this case wide open. Be aware you are entering the home of a suspected murderer and merciless kidnapper who could return home any second. Good luck and don’t forget to lock the door behind you!”

Kidnapped takes place in the modest front room of the Ghost’s flat, but soon moves on to a room with a more sinister vibe.
The space is decorated well, with the stark contrast in the areas of the game giving a good sense of impending doom. The decoration is finished to a high standard and there is nothing in the room which could be mistrued as a red herring or placed to deliberatly confuse players.
There is a good sense of immersion in the room, coupled with a creepy sound track, this gives a eerie feeling throughout the room, making you feel like you should always be watching over your shoulder.
The room is large enough for 6 players, the first section is a bit smaller but once the game gets going the room opens up and the space is more than big enough for 6 players.
Lighting is good, yet atmospheric and never impedes on gameplay.

Game Play:
A multi linear game that has a fantastic twist in the game play (but no spoilers here, you’ll have to play it to find out that for yourselves!)
Puzzles comprised of logic, observaton, deduction, sensory, word, teamwork & searching.
Puzzles were on theme, with excellent logic and great “ah-ha” moments. The logic with the game was spot on, with us never wondering “why” the connections were clear and this gave excellent ah-ha moments and good sense of discovery throughout the game.
The puzzles were most of all fun, and very enjoyable.
The signposting in the room was excellent, with there being no lack of direction in the puzzles or their answers, this being said the signposting didn’t hand hold you through the room or make it too easy!
Flow was exceptional, with the combination of logical puzzles and slick signposting this game had some of the best flow we have experienced in a while which made for a very smooth game.
A fantastic room which in its twist is acheivable for beginners (albeit on the harder end of the scale) and a challenge for more experienced players. a very well designed game which is testimount to the experience behind the team at Adrenaline.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an iPad

Game Host:
Dan was our game host and he was fab, a true enthusiast and  he ran the game with excellent timing and knowledge, only ever dropping uis clues when we really needed them!

Did we escape?
Yes, completing the entire game in 55 minutes

Website: https://www.adrenalineescape.co.uk/
Price (off peak/peak)
2 Players £34/£38
3 Players £45/£54
4 Players £52/£64
5 Players £60/£75
6 Players £66/£84

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