Cave Escape – Carfax

Cave Escape – Carfax
Location: Nottingham
Game Date: 29/12/2019
Team: Amy & Ian

From the West, Benedictine Abbey of Whitby, North Yorkshire

You have been called upon by Professor Abraham Van Helsing, the noted Dutch Metaphysician and his former student, Dr. John Seward whom’s patient, the aristocrat – Lucy Westenra, is presenting a series of bizarre symptoms. She seems to be drawn under the power of an unknown force which yolks her strength, day by day. What is causing her decline and could it be in some way connected to the eery appearance of the deserted ship upon Whitby’s shore? Only you can find the truth!”

Carfax looked gorgeous, a highly detailed room where clearly lots of care and attention had been put into the creation of this room, the set was immersive, beautiful and befitting of the genre of the room. Each space of the game was different and continued to impress us at every moment.
The space was large enough for the maximum of 5 players and we never had any problems with light levels.

Game Play:
A linear game that focused mainly on searching, and logic.
Puzzles were beautifully logical and clear, with lovely ah-ha moments, but this was a game that does rely heavily on the searching aspect (and in that respect, delving deeper into the story of Van Helsing and Dracula) so if you’re not good searchers, take someone who is, or go in forwarned!
The signposting in the game was excellent and the puzzles were incredibly intrinsic to the room, which gave wonderful layers and a sense of realism to the game.
Flow was great, with the linear nature of the game keeping us moving forward at all times.
A perfect game for first-timers, and groups with younger children.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over

Game Host:
Becky was our Game Host and she was lovely, delivering a thorough brief and good clues throughout the game.

Did we escape?
Yes in around 50 minutes

Website: https://www.caveescape.co.uk
2 Players £44/53
3 Players £60/75
4 Players £74/90
5 Players £87.50/105

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