Trapped – The Carnival

Trapped – The Carnival.
Play at Home Escape Room


Trapped is a brand new play-at-home game, which turns any room in your home into an escape room!

The packs are no-fuss and contain all the components to play the puzzles, in some respects, you wouldn’t need to pin everything up on the walls and could play the puzzles straight from the box, but where’s the fun in that! Ian kindly set this room up for me, and then we both went to work on solving the puzzles.(and he put some circus-themed music on the set the mood – I thoroughly recommend doing this if you play)

The production value was very good on the trapped games, with the puzzles all be on glossy, high-quality prints with excellent artwork and style that truly fitted the theme of the game. Concisely and slickly packaged, this game is portable and re-playable!
We were very impressed with the overall theme and quality of the Trapped Games.
A clue book was also provided with a very unique decoder for reading the clues, which meant that there was no way of spoiling any puzzle answers.
Set up instructions were clear, and easy to follow and whilst there are no padlocks to set or boxes to lock up it still gave the feeling of being “in an escape room”
There was a good story behind the game too, which added to the excitment and immersion given through the puzzles.

The puzzles were plentiful in The Carnival, and the game is completely non-linear, which will work well for any size of group. Puzzles consisted of word, math, observation, logic, riddles and teamwork. A really good and balanced mix of puzzles with something for everyone. How searchy you make it is up to you, you could hide some of the pieces in cheeky places! The game also comes with a bonus game at the end, which doesn’t add to your puzzles but adds very nicely to the fun and theming of the pack.
The puzzles were all perfectly on theme, fun and incredibly logical which led to wonderful ah-ha moments throughout the game.
All the puzzles were a joy to solve which led to an enjoyable time playing.
The answer key was unique and baffled us a little to begin with, as with there being no locks we were a little confused as to how it worked, but once we went carefully over the rules it was clear and worked VERY well!
The aim of the game was to get a certain number of “points” and each puzzle would give a number of points. This was very clever, as depending on age the point level was different, so for example, parents setting this up for their kids could give them a lower point level, so if they didn’t understand a puzzle, it wasn’t the biggest deal and they would still gain the win, so to speak. This is a great mechanic which makes the game achievable for all ages and makes it a true family game.
Signposting was excellent, at times subtle but everything was given to help you solve the puzzles.

Where to buy?
Trapped Can be purchased from amazon for £12.99 each, there are 3 variations to choose from.

*disclaimer, Golden Bear sent this to us free of charge to review, this, however, does not affect or influence our review in any way, all opinions are our own.*

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