Locked! – Strange Things

Locked! – Strange Things
Location: Dunstable
Game Date: 25/08/2020
Team: Amy & Ian
Duration: 60 minutes


It’s 1986 in the sleepy town of Dunstable, at approximately 1:15 am last night, lights gathered in the sky with an ethereal glow. Just as they had arrived they had disappeared and for the Fisher family, they found their son did too.

You are the top detectives assigned to the missing persons report, especially under the strange circumstances it’s imperative that you must find the truth and with that, their son Billy.

Strange things are upon us, but was it supernatural or something sinister?”

Strange Things looked good, a pretty standard “bedroom” set with a decent array of 80s props, and a good finish. There was nothing out of place or deliberatly placed as red-herrings in the decor.
Not the largest space. I would say 4 is the optimum number for this room, 6 could get a little cramped.
Lighting was good for the most part, and we we encouraged to use our phones if needed for torches

Game Play:
A fairly linear game that had a nice span of puzzles, searching, word, logic, observation and small physical tasks.
The puzzles were all good in their logic and kept in the theme of the room, they all had nice ah-ha moments, nothing wowed us within the room but it was all perfectly servicable.
There was a good use of 80s appropriate tech throughout the room, which served to push the story forward and kept us engaged.
The flow was good, with us easily moving from puzzle to puzzle. The only slightly sticky bit were some tricky searches.
Signposting was good, albeit subtle but it was directional and logical.
A fair game that was playable and very enjoyable would be perfect as a “first” room, an accessible theme that will very effectivly teach a team how to play a game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie in the room.

Game Host:
Mohammed was our game host and he was good, delivering us good clues and a good brief before going into the room

Covid19 Safety:
We felt safe at Locked, masks were required in all common areas but not inside the room itself. The premesis was very clean and there were hand sanitizers available

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 45 minutes

Website: https://www.lockedescapes.com
2 Players – £20 per person
3-6 Players – £18 per person
2 Players – £22.50 per person
3-6 Players – £20 per person

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