Headlock – The Mystic Ruins (online)

Headlock – The Mystic Ruins (online)
Location: Online
Game Date: 19/09/2020
Team: Amy, Sera, Sharan, Mike & Zoe
Platform: Zoom
Duration: 60 minutes


“You and your team of archaeologists are exploring an ancient city when you stumble upon a room that has been locked away for thousands of years. The further you explore, the more mysterious the room becomes. Your goal is to find the ancient artefact before the ruins crumble in on themselves.”

A BEAUTIFUL set, especially when this game has been created as a portable game! The attention to detail was excellent and the finish was excecuted very well, the set was immersive and I can imagine it would be even more impressive in person. I was incredibly impressed when Joel told us that the whole room was able to be taken down and moved, I would have put money that it was a fully kitted out brick and mortar room.

Camera work was good, and the connection was stable. Occasionally we had moments of blurriness but this soon settled when the camera was full at rest.

Game Play:
A linear game that had some cracking puzzles. Word, logic, searching, codebreaking, physical a lovely mix without being overly complicated.
All the puzzles were well in theme with the room, and felt as if they really belonged within the story, further enhancing the theme, deepening the immersion and you could imagine that the were created within the world of the room, not just plopped on top of the room.
Logic behind the puzzles was excellent, with connections being made with lovely ah-ha moments. All beautifully solveable.
Flow was excellent, and we moved slickly through the room, save for a couple of search fails!
Signposting was good, and it was subtley enhanced by camera placement which was a nice touch.

Clue System:
Clues were hinted at by our archeologist friend!

Game Host:
Joel was our game host and chief archeologist, he was steady on the camera and showed us exactly what we asked him to. He was passionate, friendly yet professional and seemed to be having loads of fun running our game!

Did we escape?
Yes! In about 40 minutes

Website: https://headlockescaperooms.co.uk/
£35 per game up to 6 players

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