Fast Familiar – National Elf Service

Fast Familiar – National Elf Service
Location: Online
Game Date: 24/12/2020
Team: Amy
Duration: 60 – 90 minutes


“A Christmas like no other. Festive spirit is at an all time low. The toy factory has ground to a halt, the sleigh’s gathering dust in the garage, and everyone’s looking glum. Can you help Holly and the other elves save the day?

Escape reality to a winter wonderland which needs your puzzle-solving, code-cracking skills. Join the Elite Elf Force -Merry, Berry and Sherry- on a mission to make this the most wonderful time of the year.”

National Elf Service (NES, for short!) thrives on being a socially sensitive audio led experience, with beautiful graphics and fantastic voice acting, it doesn’t fail to draw you in and make you really care about its characters (who are a wonderful cross-section of society and quirky in all their own ways!)
Fast Familiar have really hit the nail on the head delivering a cohesive, funny and charming story that is accentuated by its puzzles. Story really is king for NES and I was enthralled and amused the whole time (especially in the latter parts of the story)

Even being primarly audio led, there is a lot of wonderul and slick art work that accompanies NES and really aides the immersion, taking you to far of places and secret websites! It was hard not to feel like a member of the team when Holly directly asks for your help in aiding the other elves!

Joyously festive this is a game that subtly educates and this enhances the story, whilst not being overly “in your face” yet still keeping all the frivolity and lightness of a true family christmas experience.

Game Play:
A strictly linear game that utilises a variety of puzzles. Word, Math, logic, Observation, Codebraking. There was something to whet everyones appetite in NES.
Puzzles were all excellent in their logic, with wonderful Ah-ha moments that made them a joy to solve. Some of the puzzles were quite long winded, so be prepared with a pen and paper and be aware that you may spend quite a bit of time on a couple of the puzzles. (This is perfectly fine though as there is no hard time limit)
The puzzles were all completly intrinsic to the story and at each point only served to further the plot, which was fantastic as it felt like your acheivement in solving the puzzle really directly affected the continuation of the story.
Signposting was wonderful, through the interaction with holly and the material she deliveres there is no doubting what is your next move.
Flow was smooth, as you’d expect a story driven experience to be, no bumps or hiccups just plain sailing
A wonderful family friendly game that has emotion, heart and bags full of festive fun. I can’t say much more than that, it is a truely top-notch game!

Clue System:
There is a link to a cheat sheet you can utilise throughout the game. I didn’t need to take any hints.

Did we escape?
Yes, In around 90 minutes but to be fair I was playing solo and really savouring the experience!

Website: https://nes.fastfamiliar.com/

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