Esc The Game – Mission Chimpossible

Esc The Game – Mission Chimpossible
Game Type: Digital
Location: Online
Game Date: 30/12/2020
Team: Amy
Duration: You can take as long as you wish.


“Not all deliveries are made equal and Santa is in need of some serious help delivering to his trickiest customer. With a chimney tougher to get into than Fort Knox, you’ve got your work cut out.

For this Christmas only, can you conquer the world’s toughest chimney and ensure Christmas goes off without a hitch?”

Mission Chimpossible (which is a GREAT name, but I can’t help reading it as CHIMP-POSSIBLE, and much to my chagrin, there were no chimps.) was presented beautifully, with attractive graphics and a simple but effective user interface.

The soundtrack was incessent however, and I did have to turn it off after a while… Very glad of that option! Kudos to you if you played the whole game with it on!

There was a good amount of interactivity in the game, with all the answers being inputted differently and there were not password protected pages to be found, and this helped aid the immersion of the game and kept spirits high.

The story was delivered nicely and developed through the game to bring it succinctly to its final conclusion. A story that is family focused and captures the feel of Christmas well!

A very charming game that looked great, and at an average time of 30 minutes is pitched just right for families and friends.

Game Play:
A linear game that encompassed of word, observation, logic and codebreaking puzzles.
The puzzles were all well in theme, and had good ah-ha moments once you found them.
The puzzles were logical, although sometimes the logic in them was tricky to find, this may have been impacted by the fact that I was soloing the game! It was all down to me!
There were some lovely moments in this game, which when the realisation of what was needed was really magical, and there was a good sense of acheivement and progression throughout the game as you physically moved down the chimney.
Signposting was, in the majority there but this game does throw you in at the deep end with a tricky puzzle (probably the trickiest in the game) signposting for this puzzle was hard to find, but it got more streamlined and telegraphed as the game went on.
The flow was good, there is a tendancy to slow down (as is normal with linear games) when you can’t solve a puzzle but this is not down to bad game design and the game moved well from puzzle to puzzle with the option to revist some areas later in the game.
All in all it was a charming game, a tricky opening puzzle but don’t let that put you off as there are some good puzzles later on in the game.

Clue System:
Clues were available at the click of a button.

Did we escape?
I escaped in 40 mins taking a handful of clues.

Website: https://escthegame.com
Price: £12 at the time of publishing this reveiw there is a code for 50% off: HOLIDAY50

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