Fast Familiar – Bad Altitude

Fast Familiar – Bad Altitude

“A puzzle game with a sense of humour, set aboard the world’s most underprepared airline. Help flight attendant Rhys as he wrangles over-demanding VIP passengers, escaped anxiety pets and his own luckless love life. Can you be his wingman? Work with your friends to solve puzzles, crack codes and avert death by discount airline.”

Bad Altitude delivers on all aspects, a wonderfully produced game, with beautiful graphics which are stylistic and quirky, a story that is well written, witty and touching and puzzles which are engaging, yet not to brain busting.

The story unfolds throughout the game, but the star of the show is truly Rhys, with fantastic voice acting all round, Rhys is our main character and the guy we’re helping throughout our mission. You can’t help but adore Rhys, there is a warmth that comes across the screen and makes playing the game so much better.

The game itself works through a web browser, but the whole game is delivered through a control panel of sorts, Fast Familiar are incredibly accessible, and there is a transcript of the action that is happening which makes this game accesible to a wide range of players. I would reccomend this game for slighty older children as it does touch on some more adult topics. I love how Fast Familiar are accepting and encouraging of all people and this is reflected in the cast and crew of Bad Altitude. The humour in the game is excellent too and it really made me laugh quite a few times. It is a game reflective of the society we live in now and it gently pokes fun at some of the more… Karen-esque people we’ve all encountered!It’s a joy to watch the story unfold, and it’s engaging until the very end.

The puzzles in Bad Altitude are wide ranging, with word, math, observation, searching and codebreaking. The puzzles were presented all well within theme and they all had good logic behind them and were lovely to solve.
The puzzles served to further the story, aiding in pushing the plot and developing the characters, there was a good unison between story and puzzles in Bad Altitude.
Flow was very linear, and this was ok due to the nature of it being so story driven. Signposting was decent, but not the most explicit, hints were available at the click of a button.
A really fun game, that is entertaining, as little satirical and tremendously witty.

https://ba.fastfamiliar.com/ £20 per game

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