Ultimate Quest – The Last Pyramid: Sands of Time

Ultimate Quest – The Last Pyramid: Sands of Time
Location: Online
Game Date: 10/03/2020
Team: Amy, Ian, Danny & Sarah
Duration: 90 Minutes

“Work as a team and explore The Last Pyramid.
Solve the puzzles, stop the clocks and bank time to break into the pyramid’s vaults.”

The Last Pyramid is a purely online, hosted game. You enter the world of the pyramid which is rendered in a unique graphical style, there isn’t a physical room to look at within the game but this didn’t matter, the digital presentation was excellent, with the game being presented in an almost “Virtual Reality” styling. The premise was that we had to solve the puzzles within the pyuramid in each zone to earn time within the vaults, to collect a rare mineral for our host, Seraphinia.

If this sounds vaguly remisnenct of the Crystal Maze, then you will be plesently surprised, the entire game has a strong “Crystal Maze” vibe, which is evident in the style of games, and the collection of time for the end game. However, Ultimate Quest have done well with putting their own twist, branding and stamp on it, that whilst it is inspired by the crystal maze, it neither copies or leans to heavy into the style of it. They defintiely have their own identity!

The graphics within the game were flashy and precise, and a heart pumping and at sometimes really boppy soundtrack added to the excitment.

Game Play:
Within our game we visited several different zones, and within these zone we were faced with great assortment of puzzles. Word, Math, Observation, Physical, Team Work, Spacial Awareness, Code-breaking, riddles. There really was something for everyone, and we all got a chance to shine within the game.
The games were played individually, in pairs and in whole teams and it was so hard not to shout the answers out if you knew it when it was someone elses game!
The puzzles were tricky, but fair and the time pressure really throws you for a loop, it’s amazing how much your brain turns to mush when faced witht he counter in front of you at all times.
The logic in the puzzles was delightful and EVERY time we failed a puzzle, there was no ambiguity it really was a case of “Oh we should have got that!” – excellent puzzle design.
The puzzles were nicely on theme, and there were some puzzles that really pushed the boundaries of what can be done purely over zoom, which led to some hilarious out of the box thinking and great interactions with the host.
I won’t talk too much about the end game, except to say that it is fast paced, fun and requires lightning fast reflexes and maxiumum brain power from the whole team!
Flow was dictated by our gamehost, as this is not a normal escape room, but a collection of puzzles with an end goal in sight and she kept us moving at all times.
Signposting was not necessary in such short snappy puzzles, too much would have made the game way to easy, and that difficulty factor is a very exciting part of this game!
An absoloute riot from start to finish, it’s hard not to get het up and start shouting at the screen at all points during the game. It gets the adrenaline racing and the braincells working, that is for sure!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via our gamehost

Game Host:
Seraphinia was out game host and she was just perfect. She was clear in her directions within the game, and had a sassy attitude that came across perfectly. It is a fine line to balance and she did it with skill, helping us, always on our side, yet willing to poke fun at us, play along with and really engaged and interacted throughout the whole experience. She elevated the experience to a whole other level and really made the hour special and hilarious!

Did we escape?
The Last Pyramind isn’t about escaping, it’s about winning time, we won 80 seconds of time (which flew by) and 4 pieces of the mineral (the name escapes me) and we were happy with the results!
You can also win some real life prizes withing the Last Pyramid, we managed some pin badges (Always a winner with me!) and certificates, a lovely memento of what as a unique experience and something totally different from the regular avatar escapes!

Website: https://www.ultimatequest.co.uk/live
4 Players £60
6 Players £90
8 Players £120

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