Breakout Liverpool – Wanted: Cowboys

Breakout Liverpool – Wanted: Cowboys
Location: Liverpool
Game Date 13/08/2015.
Team: Amy & Ian

Breakout Liverpool is a huge venue, with 7 rooms. Sabotage, Classified, Wanted Cowboy, Wanted Indian, The Facility, Shipwrecked and Cursed Carnival.

As a first time visitor, it was an overwhelming choice, as all the themes are so varied, but it’s great as they cater to a large range of tastes!

I picked Wanted: Cowboys as I love anything “western” themed!


Theme: You’ve had a bit of a heavy night, and wake up in a locked up bar in the seedy side of town, without your trusty gun. You’ve an hour to find your gun & breakout!
The theming was great in this room, it’s actually an old bar so (if you use your imagination and ignore the stainless steel) it really sets the scene brilliantly, with some authentic props, and even a western saddle or 2!

Game Play:
Mostly combination locks with a few clever puzzles thrown in, which is standard Breakout (we’ve learned from playing almost all of their rooms)

Clue System:
Clues are delivered through a screen system, with a noise appropriate to the game (It was a gun shot in Wanted!)

Game Host:
Our game host was friendly, and said we would get extra help if we cowboy danced to some of the songs played in the hour – the soundtrack was all western tunes (Including cotton-eye joe, classic!)

Did we escape?
No! We got nixed on a puzzle to do with poker chips. That is all I am saying…. we were SO close!

Website: https://breakoutliverpool.com/
Price: £18pp (based on 2 players)

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