Gamescape Liverpool – Golden Cage

Gamescape Liverpool – Golden Cage
Location: Liverpool
Game Date 03/08/2015
Team: Amy & Ian



This was the first Escape Room I EVER played, I came across it through Groupon, and thought it looked like a fun activity so I booked!

A Wizard’s study 300 years in the past. Theming was OK. The biggest bugbear with this was lack of continuity in the theming (which led to our failure!)

The theming here is nice, yet generic. It was decorated nicely, but not extravagant, there was a window to the outside world which really ruins the immersion and it really could have been a study from the early 1900s rather than 300 years ago!

Game Play:
Puzzles weren’t too hard, a few simple maths puzzles, a few logic puzzles and some hunting! A good mix
The puzzles had decent ah-ha moments, and flow was ok… if not a little sticky in places. There was some discrepency in puzzles not wholeheartedly fitting the theme and being anachronistic to the era which we were playing in.

Clue System:
Small envelopes with clues in slid under the door

Game Host:
The Game host was friendly and delivered the clues with excellent timing!

Did we escape?
No! This was the first game we’d ever played, so didn’t know what to expect, our downfall was not looking somewhere for something – we didn’t look due to the theme of the room. I feel this could be addressed!

Website: http://gamescape.co.uk/
Price: £15pp

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