A “brit” of an Escape habit….

Hello there! Welcome to my blog, which I’ve started as I have a problem…. I’m addicted to Escape Rooms… These rooms are taking over the UK at the moment!

If you’ve never heard of them before, (where have you been?!) the premise is, you’re locked in a room for 60 minutes and you have to unlock padlocks, find keys and combinations to breakout of the room, within the alloted 60 minute time. Remember the old click and point escape games… it’s a live action version of that, with a little bit of the Crystal Maze thrown in!

I’ve so far visted 13 escape rooms, all within the North West of England. My plan with this blog is to document our escapes (and failures) to give reviews on all the Escape Rooms and to give tips & hints to Escape Room players!

I hope you’ll join me on my Escape Habit journey!

Amy xoxo

1 thought on “A “brit” of an Escape habit….”

  1. Great idea to blog and review. Please keep posting on FB so I can follow your adventures!

    I became addicted too (we tried Hint Hunt in Paris first) and have since tried to escape in Warrington (ClueHQ) twice, ClueHQ Blackpool, TrappedIn Bury, EscapeGame Glasgow and Edinburgh, Code to Exit Altrincham, Sheffield Crack the Code, and Preston Escape Room The Mummy.

    Haven’t yet tried Liverpool yet.

    Keep your posts coming.

    Best way to spend the fastest hour ever!!


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