Clue Finders – Remy’s Room

Clue Finders – Remy’s Room.
Location: Liverpool
Game Date 03/10/2015.
Team: Amy, Ian & Aaron


Clue Finders was the first Escape Room in Liverpool, and its rooms are unique and created solely by the owners! It’s also the only place in Liverpool where teams can RACE against each other in identical rooms!

Remy’s Room is a journey to find a missing spy, you enter into Remy’s home, and help his lady-friend find him!
The theming is superb, with all the furniture and fittings perfect for the 1940s spy theme, even down to the music being of the period, and the final room is amazing… but you’ll have to see that for yourself!

Game Play:
Clue Finders flows so very well, all the puzzles and clues lead seamlessly into the next and there is a perfect mix of puzzles, code breaking and key hunting! There is a LOT to do in the 60 minutes!

Clue System:
Clues are delivered by a screen, with alerts to the clues being a walkie talkie.

Game Host:
The Game Host was very welcoming, and gave us a thorough briefing before playing, which included a demonstrating the padlocks, and a backstory!
Clues were given at pivotal points, and with excellent timing.

Did we escape!
Yes, with around 8 minutes left! Such an enjoyable game!

Website: http://cluefinders.co.uk/
Price: Prices start from £57 for 3 players

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