The Escape Room – Slaughterhouse

The Escape Room – Slaughterhouse.
Location: Manchester
Game Date 04/10/2015.
Team: Amy, Ian & Aaron


You wake up in the secure lair of a serial killer. Neither one of you know why you were abducted, but instructions have been left by the killer to escape the room within sixty minutes or you will be trapped inside the room forever. You must follow various instructions if you wish to survive and win this deadly game. You are the chosen one who needs to overcome a series of demented traps to save yourself and the others or face the deadliest consequence. With only sixty minutes to spare, you must unravel the elaborate puzzle of the victim’s fate in the midst of mounting terror.

Sigh – I wasn’t really impressed with this. I’ve a love of live horror (Scare Attractions are another obsession of mine) The room was incredibly bare, and distincly lacking in props/atmosphere. It was also VERY, VERY dark, had we not had our mobiles we’d have been screwed.

Game Play:
This was the easiest room I’ve ever played, it seemed there was a lack of puzzles, and answers to puzzles/combinations were in really obvious places and required not much thought at all

Clue System:
As I said in my last “The Escape Room” review, I do not like the ‘call for help’ model. Granted with this game we only required help twice (for stupid things we missed) – it still ruins the tension of the game to have someone come in the room and say “So where are you up to then….” before giving you a clue!

Game Host:
We really didn’t have that much interaction, but like last time, the staff were all friendly and welcoming.

Did we escape?!
Yes! With at least 20 minutes left on the clock… I know a lot of people like to finish rooms in record time, but I personally like a game that takes up as much of the hour as possible!

Website:  http://www.theescaperoom.co.uk/Manchester/
Price: £20pp (based on 2 people playing)

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