GamEscape – Prison Cell

GamEscape – Prison Cell.
Location: Liverpool
Game Date 11/10/2015.
Team: Amy, Lyndsey, Dan & Tony



This was the new 2nd offering from GamEscape, the people that we played our first ever room with. Unfortunately my fiancée wasn’t able to join us on this outing, so I was playing with a couple of the people I played The Facility with for this game!

“You have been locked up for a crime you did not commit! You are in lockdown, where many prisoners of the inescapable prison have tried, and ultimately FAILED to escape, there is a rumour that one inmate has successfully escaped.
They left many clues, use the clues, solve the puzzles and become the first (officially) to escape before the warden comes back and shuts you in FOREVER”

What an interesting room, it really did have the feel of a cell, perhaps a rather large one, but you really were locked in there! The theming was very nice, and they have certainly upped their game from their first room

Game Play:
A very puzzley room, I felt we spent more time figuring puzzles out than searching for keys and codes in this room.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Our Game Host was very, very helpful! We received plenty of very good clues over the hour.

Did we escape?!
Yes, but I think it was more to do with the amount of clues we had!!

Website: http://gamescape.co.uk/
Price: £15pp

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