So you think you can escape?

Maybe you’ve heard of Escape rooms, but never had the guts to give one a try… what are you waiting for, what could be more fun than being in a locked room, for 60 minutes with no apparent way out!

So, you are flummoxed with the amount of rooms to choose from, how do I choose?

Rule 1.
DON’T just go for the cheapest.

Rule 2.
Pick a theme which is something that excites you

I think they’re the 2 basics of picking an escape room, of course reading reviews is a good shout, as you’ll get a good idea of what other people thought.
http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk  http://www.escapegamehub.com are 2 websites I would use when having a browse round for games near me.

What happens next?

You’ve chosen your room! Great, pick a time & number of players and book, all escape rooms will use an online booking system, and they all have specific policies about cancellation, be sure to read them carefully!

On the day….

Arrive 10-15 minutes before your game, this is the best time as it allows for any pre-game loo breaks and a gives time to settle in to the surroundings and calm any nerves!

When you get in the room, have a GOOD LOOK round, survey the room, then get key hunting IF there are key padlocks or key-locked drawer/cupboards to open.

Whilst doing this (depending on numbers of people) take a reccy of how many combination padlocks you need to bust, and how many digits (ie. 2 four digit and 3 three digit padlocks and a word padlock) You’ll get a clear idea of what needs doing.

Try every code, on every available padlock. You never know where it might work.

Write everything down, especially if there is a big group of you, then you will know if a code has been used or not.

Don’t over-complicate things. The puzzle that might seem impossible probably has a simple answer!

Do think outside the box, things are not always what they seem!

Do get a second…. or third… or fourth opinion.

Don’t stress about the time.

Most importantly….



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