Atherton Escape Rooms – The Missing Child

Atherton Escape Rooms – The Missing Child.
Location: Atherton
Game Date 24/06/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian


The Atherton Escape rooms are located in a HUGE old mill in Atherton, the spacious setting allows the owners to have a very slick setting, with all the rooms lined up along one wall, in very inconspicuous looking rooms! The amount of space they have is astounding, I loved it!
We were welcomed very warmly and made to feel at home…. as much as one can at an escape room!

“It’s Simply a child’s room containing all the usual things a child’s room would contain, ordinary objects & toys that a child would possess. There is just one thing missing “THE CHILD”. Using everything to hand contained in room, can you find out what has happened & escape from the room before the time runs out. TICK! TOCK! TICK! TOCK!”

The themeing in this room was great, very clean and simple, but very effective, a creepy soundtrack gave a air of tension to the game!
This theme was one that we haven’t encountered before, and by looking at Atherton’s other themes, they are bringing something different to the escape room roster in the theme of their rooms (A log cabin, A train waiting room are 2 of the other rooms!)

Game Play:
A good variety of locks in this room, which were solved by a few different (and some VERY unique styles of puzzle) – all the puzzles were themed perfectly to the “child’s room”The only downside is that I did feel there were a few too many red herrings, which threw us as a team (myself and Ian) of kilter a few times!! (But that’s because we want to solve EVERYTHING and do EVERYTHING in the room, and it certainly didn’t detract from our enjoyment of the room at all!)
A White board was provided for jotting notes down on, which was really fun, and a great touch!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered through a screen system, we had 3x hints available to us. But were given a few extra if we were really stuck!

Game Host:
Our Game Host was lovely, very chatty and friendly and played along with us well, nudging us in the right direction when we needed it!

Did we escape?
Yes! But it was a super close one, we had about 30 seconds on the clock! EEEEEEEK!

Thank you Atherton Escape Rooms, we will most definitely be back in the near future!

Website: http://www.athertonescaperooms.co.uk/
Price: 2 People £36
3 People £51
4 People £64
5-6 People £70


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