Trapped In – Air Traffic Control

Location: Bury
Trapped in – Air Traffic Control.
Location: Bury
Game Date 03/07/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Terrorists have attacked the air traffic control tower, kidnapping the air traffic controllers and damaging vital computer systems. You and your team have been called from a nearby airport to come in to get the place back online. You must act quickly as there are planes circling above and they only have enough fuel left to fly for one hour. You must succeed to prevent a massive mid-air disaster. Find the clues to gain access to the control tower and get everything back online before time runs out”

Theming was great as we’ve come to expect from Trapped In. This company really know how to put a game together, the introduction, the soundscape, the setting, props, everything was spot on forming a cohesive and immersive game.

Game Play:
ATC is considered to be Trapped In’s easiest room, with a 60% success rate and 3/5 difficulty level. It’s a very, very well constructed game, with lots of searching and good balance of puzzles. It’s a fun room and an excellent first choice as an “first” room to do. The room is very logical and the flow was seamless, with everything making perfect sense in relation to the theme of the room. (There’s some nifty tech in the room too!)

Clue System:
Clues are delivered to the room via a screen. You get 3 hint requests but sometimes the Game Host will deliver extra clues!

Game Host:
Our game host (The same guy as from Time Machine!) was brilliant, so friendly and welcoming and he played the game perfectly!

Did we escape?
Yes! Just over 9 minutes to spare, and only 2 hints!

Website: http://trappedin.co.uk/
Price:  2 people £20
3 people £54
4 people £68
5 people £80
6 people £90

We had an excellent time, and can’t wait for the new rooms to open! We’ll be back very soon!

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