Escape Quest – Amazon Escape

Escape Quest – Amazon Escape. Game Date 15/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian & Michael

Amazon Escape banner.png

Following swiftly on from 13th Escape… we maybe not swiftly as we had a break to come down from the high, have a drink and regroup before venturing off into the Amazon Jungle!

“You and your team of intrepid explorers have entered the Amazon rainforest in search of unchartered areas of land.  Inadvertently you have crossed into territory occupied by the Keeyhidi tribe, you are immediately captured and thrown into the cage you now find yourselves in.
The Keeyhidi tribe are some of the last remaining cannibals left in the world today.  So far they have made no attempt to harm anyone, feeding you all generously at every opportunity.  However, the large cooking pot they have just hoisted over the fire is making you feel uneasy to say the least.
They have never left you unattended until now, but luck is on your side today. The tribe have a very special celebration planned when one of their men will marry a girl from the neighbouring Yohfindy tribe, giving you and your team an opportunity to escape.”

Once again, Escape Quest hit the nail on the head with story & themeing… with Amazon Escape being completely covered in sand, well… the floor at least (This lead me to play the room barefoot as it was more fun to feel the sand between my toes!) The decoration is fab again, with attention to detail at every corner, it’s amazing how much they put into their rooms! Amazon escape was like walking into a game from the Aztec Zone in the Crystal Maze! (Life. Goal. Acheived)

Game Play:
Another room with lots of lock, BUT this room played to my strengths, it was chock full of riddles, puzzles and anagrams. I LOVED it! There were some real head-scratcher moments too! It felt a little less linear than 13th Element, and at times we were all able to work on different puzzles, which was a lot of fun! The mix of puzzles again was brilliant, they were all so different to each other and to the other games I’ve played at Escape Quest (which is all except Bad Clown!)

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen which was themed to the room, clues were clever and appropriate to the theme too!

Game Host:
I can’t say any more than what I already said for my review of 13th Element, so I’ll say iy again….
Elaine & Mike were again brilliant hosts, they are so welcoming and warm. Mike’s hint delivery is spot on for our level of play, and the hints are clever and give just enough to get the brain clicked onto where we should be!

Did we escape? Yes! With a leaderboard time of 56:54!

Website: http://www.escapequest.co.uk
3 players – £57
4 players – £72
5 players – £80
6 players – £90

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