Escape Quest -13th Element

Escape Quest -13th Element. Game Date 15/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian & Michael

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Yesterday we took a trip back to the wonderful place that is Escape Quest, we were booked in for 13th Element (more on that next!) but when we arrived, Elaine gave us the opportunity to play 13th Element &  Amazon Escape, for reasons that I can’t divulge but will become apparent in time!
So, a 1 game evening quickly became a 2 game evening! We chose to play 13th Element first, so I will review that first.

“The S.S.B (Special Scientific Branch) work undercover for the government and have been called in to help.
Setting up a covert operation to watch and track a selected number of scientists they have now located an area of suspicious activity, an old mill building on the edge of town where these scientists were seen to go in but never came out.
We sent in a team of our best undercover agents and managed to get a little information about what’s going on inside. It seems that the person responsible for these disappearances is a man known only as Dr Argon.
After taking the scientists prisoner he is forcing them to attempt to harness the power of 12 rare elements, combining these will activate and power the rarest element of all – The 13th Element, this is the element of immortality and its power can only be used by one person.
Your task as agents working for the S.S.B is to enter the building, infiltrate the lab and work together to harness the power of these 12 elements, once the 13th element is activated you need to enter Dr Argon’s office, initiate the self destruct sequence & get out fast.
You will need to work quickly as the extremely high levels of electromagnetic energy inside the building will render our equipment ineffective after 60 minutes and all communications will be lost.  If this happens you’ll be trapped inside and at the mercy of Dr Argon”

Escape Quest alwaysgo above and beyond with story and theme, and 13th Element is no exception, with a detailed backstory, and even teasers of what to come in the briefing it’s clear that a lot of thought and work has gone into creating this very real “world” for us to do our mission in!

The room…. the room… it is PERFECT, the decor upon entering is spot on for a lab, as like in Curiosity Shop, you actually don’t get into the lab until a little later in the game, so you start in a “common area” of sorts! The themeing once in the lab is just beautiful… It’s eye candy in the strangest way, and it’s finished to perfection. I must say…. the elements are gorgeous! We wanted to keep them all! I can’t think of one bad thing to say about this room..

Game Play:
If you like a lot of locks (and I DO!) you are in for a treat with this room. There are padlocks galore, but there is no ambiguity to where to input a code when you solve a puzzle, as there are lots of padlocks, there are lots of puzzles and they just flow… so so well… there is such a variety of puzzles that suit lots of different abilities, of varying “levels” too- some harder than others… there is a certain element of the Crystal Maze to some of the puzzles, which to anyone who was around in the 1990s this will most definitely appeal!
We were the first non-testers to play the 13th Element, and it ran perfectly. We came out on a MASSIVE high, which to me I’ve not had since Trapped In! 13th Element is a fantastic game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room, which again was themed beautifully!

Game Host:
Elaine & Mike were again brilliant hosts, they are so welcoming and warm. Mike’s hint delivery is spot on for our level of play, and the hints are clever and give just enough to get the brain clicked onto where we should be!

Did we escape?
Yes! With a time of 57.13.. we are top of the leaderboard… for now 😉

Website: http://www.escapequest.co.uk
3 players – £57
4 players – £72
5 players – £80
6 players – £90

13th Element is a MUST for everyone, It’s a fantastic game and one you must NOT miss! Get to Escape Quest now as this game is going to be very popular!

The 13th Element website banner.png

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