The Escape Room – The Mummy

The Escape Room – The Mummy. Game Date 17/08/2016. Team: Amy & Ian


So, onto our 2nd room of the day with “The Mummy” – The Escape Rooms is about a 10 minute stroll from Breakout Manchester and since we were all parked up at the Arndale Centre we decided to walk down and leave the car in the car park!

The Escape Room has a nice outside & inside waiting area, and after a warm welcome we were taken into the room a few mins early as they were all ready and waiting for us!

“Archaeologists have made the discovery that would change the course of Egyptian history. They have acquired proof that one of the Pharaohs tombs contains the secrets of immortality. A series of mystical methods that grants delayed ageing, the very same method adopted by Queen Cleopatra to grant her a mighty reign as the final Pharaoh of Egypt. Countless efforts by wealthy adventurers have been fruitless in finding this tomb. However, your rag-tag team of archaeologists has come across a confidential piece of information on to the whereabouts of this secret tomb. Enter the tomb of Thutmosis; Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom and High Priest to Horus, God of The Sky. Thutmosis was known for his expansive knowledge of sorcery and dark magic, and it seems that his secrets were buried in his tomb with him; including the secret to immortality. However, leading up to the event of his demise and mummification, he deviously plotted out that his tomb will be crafted with a slew of mischievous puzzles to trap any wandering adventurers such as yourself. You must lead your team into his tomb, acquire all his evil secrets, and successfully escape within 60 minutes or be trapped inside for all eternity and suffer Thutmosis’ wrath!”

Theming was lovely in this room, it wasn’t the most cluttered or even padlock heavy room, but the decor was in keeping to theme and very nicely done. It seems that The Escape Rooms likes the dark, as every room I’ve played here (3) has been very dark, needing a torch all the way through is a little bit of an annoyance, but one I can live with as there was only the 2 of us playing.

Game Play:
This is The Escape Rooms easiest room, I picked it because I liked the sound of the theme better than Prison Break and The Secret Lab!
There are not many padlocks here, but the puzzles are nice, flow well and the room is linear. The puzzles are easy, and don’t take masses of brain power, but there are some really nice “Ahha” moments and some nifty tech! A very fun and (for us) a relaxing room!

Clue System:
Clues are delivered in room through the Game Host, you click a light switch to call them in! (We didn’t use ANY hints in this room!)

Game Host:
Well, we didn’t see him apart from the beginning or end, but he delivered his briefing well, and was very personable and friendly!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 30 minutes, with no hints…. this WAS an easy room. But we still had a lovely relaxing time and if we’d have gone at our normal pace I bet we’d have got out in a lot less time, we certainly took our time and chilled out in the room!

Website: http://www.theescaperoom.co.uk/
2 players £40
3 players £57
4 players £72
5 players £85
6 players £96

2 thoughts on “The Escape Room – The Mummy”

  1. I had a very similar experience with two people and a half hour escape. That’s fun occasionally but it’s disappointing value for money. It’s kind of like paying 40 pounds per person to play an escape room where you get out in the 59th minute. Only Time Run reaches that price per hour for the average team and they blow this game away.

    OTOH – they’re clear that this is at the easier end (although 3/5 should still mean it’s a bit tricky!). I find it difficult to review a room like this. I’d steer enthusiasts away from it, because it just doesn’t represent good value, but I’d highly recommend to families with tweenagers. It’s perfect for that kind of group.


    1. Defo, it’s not an enthusiast room, we had fun, relaxed but we weren’t excited, crazed or on a massive high afterwards (unlike 13th element that I am STILL buzzing from)

      Value for money does worry me, but with a bit of a loose end and 4 hours to kill in Manchester I thought… sod it!

      It would be a great introduction to Escape Games though 🙂


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