Escapologic – Crypt-ic

Escapologic – Crypt-ic. Game Date 22/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian, Jackie, Mark & Richard

A quick break and we were onto the next game! Crypt-ic (we played the games in order of opening)


“The door creaks closed. In the pale light of your lantern, abandoned skeletons cast terrifying shadows on the walls. Frantically, you open your dusty satchel, praying for answers. Could this be all that remains of legendary explorer Crispin Sheppard, who mysteriously vanished all those years ago?

Rumours of an ancient curse shroud the stones of this pitch-black tomb. You’re sure this is where the treasure is buried. But now you’re all alone in the dark-and in the cold air of the crypt, something primeval is stirring…”

Yet again, Escapologic hit the nail on the head (or should that be coffin :O) with this room, A dusty old crypt that encourages absolute exploration. The decoration was creepy, sandy and dark, but not scary and created the perfect atmosphere for our Indiana Jones style expedition!

Game Play:
Crypt-ic saw us on the trail of King Heritho, with only 2 lanterns between 5 of us, things were going to be dark…and cosy… again this room has a minimal amount of padlocks, with the puzzles being organic and true to the story and theme of the room… it was brilliant, Escapologic puts you directly into the story and lets you explore and discover on your own. Crypt-ic was fairly physical, with climbing up and down steps, crawling and loads of exploration!

Clue System:
The disembodied voice of King Heritho was our help in Crypt-ic, with his eerie voice echoing around the chambers, it really set the scene and caused us to all stop and listen hard whenever he started talking!

Game Host:
Our game host again was really energetic, friendly and set the scene perfectly for Crypt-ic. Guiding us through but allowing us to discover at our own pace, and using some really good tactics to get our attention other than just giving hints (I can’t say what, I don’t want to ruin and surprises for you!)

Did we escape?
Yes, but we took 56 minutes! It felt like we were in there a lot longer… that’s the beauty of theming and immersion!

Website: http://www.escapologic.com
Off Peak Prices
2 People – £ 40.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
3 People – £ 57.00 (£ 19.00 pp)
4 People – £ 70.00 (£ 17.50 pp)
5 People – £ 80.00 (£ 16.00 pp)
Monday – Thursday
11:30 – 19:00

Peak Prices
2 People – £ 50.00 (£ 25.00 pp)
3 People – £ 69.00 (£ 23.00 pp)
4 People – £ 84.00 (£ 21.00 pp)
5 People – £ 100.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
Friday, Saturday
10:00 – 20:30
11:30 – 19:00

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