Escapologic – E.P.I. Centre

Escapologic – E.P.I. Centre. Game Date 22/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian, Jackie, Mark & Richard

Phew! 2 rooms down and onto the 3rd! After a brief tinkle interlude we were ready to tackle the destruction of E.P.I. Centre… were we brave enough to save the world?! Only time will tell….


“Buildings are collapsing. Fires are raging. People are screaming. And you’re trapped inside the Edward Palatine Institute, watching it all happen on your screen. With just one hour to save billions of pounds worth of chemical research, every decision you make is critical.

Epicentre is your chance to answer the question that nags at the back of the mind during every disaster movie. If the world ended, how would you react?

As a vital part of the Institute’s disaster cleanup crew, you’ll have to walk a tightrope between weighing the consequences of your decisions, and making them fast enough to survive. As the crisis deepens outside the installation’s walls, and anarchy begins to rule the streets, terrifying updates flash through the news channels. There isn’t much time left, and your luck is running out…”

Again, this was like being thrown into a real disaster, the theming was spot on, and reminded me of the Earthquake ride at Universal Orlando, it was THAT good… The soundtrack was spot on, with rumblings of several aftershocks… REAL aftershocks… the walls moved! It felt like the ground was gonna open up with each tremor! With a television monitor flickering on and off and linking us to the news channel reporting on our impending doom, it was hard to believe this was “just an escape room”…

Game Play:
Once again, Escapologic thrust us into an experience, giving puzzles that WOULD be found in the situation we were facing! I’d recommend this for a bigger group than just 2 though, (unless your “2” teamwork is stellar) because some of the situations call for a more solitary approach… (i.e. you’ll be split up) This was the most “traditional” escape room at Escapologic with the balance of hunting and puzzle solving being more on par with a “key & padlock” room – except I am fairly sure this room had not one single padlock in it at all!
There is a massive “OH S***” moment right near the end which makes for a brilliant finale to the room!

Clue System:
The clues were delivered via the AI system in the E.P.I. institute! A brilliant system again, in perfect theme with the room!

Game Host:
We had the same game host for EPI as for Crypt-ic, I’m terrible and have forgot his name, but he kept the energy up for doing 2 games on the run! Bravo!

Did we escape?

Website: http://www.escapologic.com
Off Peak Prices
2 People – £ 40.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
3 People – £ 57.00 (£ 19.00 pp)
4 People – £ 70.00 (£ 17.50 pp)
5 People – £ 80.00 (£ 16.00 pp)
Monday – Thursday
11:30 – 19:00

Peak Prices
2 People – £ 50.00 (£ 25.00 pp)
3 People – £ 69.00 (£ 23.00 pp)
4 People – £ 84.00 (£ 21.00 pp)
5 People – £ 100.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
Friday, Saturday
10:00 – 20:30
11:30 – 19:00

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