Escape Room Centre – Egyptian

Escape Room Centre – Egyptian.
Location: Blackpool
Game Date 25/08/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian

egyptian escape room

We attended the opening day of The Escape Room Centre, we had played their 3 games at their other site, and really enjoyed them, but for this site they had brought over 2 of Budapest’s finest games (Escape Games originated in Budapest, so theses were bound to be good!) We chose the Egyptian Room to play first (and we’re going back next week to play The Tomb) Situated over Costa Coffee in Blackpool Town Centre, there is a Pay & Display Multi Story a 30 second walk away.
We were welcomed by Sabrina and showed upstairs to the waiting area, the space they’ve got is immense! After handing over the cake which I made (through a joke on facebook I ended up making cake for them!)
We sat down in the graffiti painted waiting area and watched a short video about what were shortly going to experience!
Video over, we were taken to the room, where a Pyramid awaited us!

“Thousands of years ago there ruled the pharaoh Horus, named after the great falcon god. Horus was very proud of his intellect and wit but with no children to inherit his kingdom he spent 25 years, and the lives of thousands of slaves, building the Pyramid of Doom. Following its completion the pharaoh challenged Egypt’s nobility to test their intellect and wit by entering the Pyramid and attempting to escape before they starved to death. The reward being that should they be successful they would inherit all of Egypt. His kingdom has long since gone but the Pyramid of Doom remains and anyone entering will pay with their lives should they not escape – are you brave enough to take on the pharaoh’s challenge?”

Stepping into the Pyramid we were faced with Heiroglyphs and Egyptian Gods painted all over the walls, the theming was lovely, and really invited you to start exploring, it was very cleanly decorated, and really set the scene of being in a tomb.

Game Play:
Once again we faced a room with no padlocks! The puzzles were great fun and not too challenging (except one that REALLY REALLY stumped me and caused a small meltdown as it was maths based and I do not get along with maths at all well) The game started off non-linear, with quite a few things to do, with things coming apart and expanding, it reminded me of “The Room” game for mobile phone… but towards the latter half of the game it went linear, and we flew through this part!
WARNING: This game is quite physical, it includes moving large objects, and crawling through some quite tight gaps – I came out sweating!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered through a screen in the room, which also held the timer, which upped the stress but letting you know that you were t-minus 50 mins… etc etc. Talk about piling on the pressure! Clues were well delivered and really helped us along!

Game Host:
Sabrina was our GH for the night and was lovely, chatty, welcoming… everything a GH should be!

Did we escape?
Yes! 50 minutes, there were moments I thought we weren’t going to get out (especially since we spend so long on the puzzle that my brain couldn’t cope with) But we flew through the 2nd half of the game!

Website: http://www.escaperoomcentre.com
2 Players £44
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

What a fantastic venue & game, we are booked in for The Tomb next week so stay tuned for the next review! We will definitely be going back again & again to play all the rooms that are bound to open in the future!

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