The Escape Rooms Preston – Vampire Chronicles

The Escape Rooms Preston – Vampire Chronicles. Game Date 29/08/2016. Team: Amy, Ian, Michael & Sarah


A last minute decision to play on a bank holiday with VisitVault lead to our booking at The Escape Room Preston. The site was fantastic, a massive space which also contained a lazer quest (we were so tempted to play…) The space would be fantastic for teens parties and even Stag/Hen dos for something a little bit different!

“You hold the key to breaking the deadlock and potentially ending the 1000-year war between humans and vampires, and you have been marked for death by Ambrogio; the Vampire King. His vampire subordinates have killed your family and caught you and your comrades, whilst simultaneously holding you captive in his castle. You are given 60 minutes to navigate your way through his cursed lair to escape and bring an end the war and finally bring peace upon the land.”

As with all “Escape Room” games, it was dark… this has come to be a staple of The Escape Rooms (with the 3 games I’ve previously played in Manchester) so I came to accept this and almost ignored it! (and brought a torch….)
The theming was OK, nicely done, and everything fit for the theme (bats, cobwebs, chests, and the like!)  however, I didn’t feel fully immersed in a Vampire’s den, I suppose I was concious of the padlocks, but the presence of a MASSIVE coffin that was hiding a secret was VERY VERY cool! Overall a decently decorated room, with some very fun elements!

Game Play:
This game…. we were handcuffed together! All 4 of us, and chained to a pipe in the room. This added a really fun element as we all waddled to the room and were given our in room briefing! We got out of the handcuffs incredibly quickly (Under a minute…our Game Host was astounded) and then the real game play began, with the staples of darkness & blacklights, this was a classic “The Escape Room” formula, which is great, I don’t mind this if I know what to expect, the puzzles in here definitely played to my strengths, being quite “wordy” and at one point musical, which I LOVED.
The Escape Rooms peg this at a 4/5 difficulty, in all honesty…. it isn’t, certainly not for experienced players. There are some nice puzzles, and the last one had us stumped for far longer than it should have done (because of my sensitively musical ears…) All in all it was a very fun room, enjoyable and I would recommend it for first time/inexperienced players who may find a challenge in it!!

Clue System:
Clues are delivered by pressing a switch, then the Game Host comes in to the room to give you the clue. (We didn’t need any)

Game Host:
Michael was our game host, he was enthusiastic (especially so at 9pm on a Bank Holiday Monday!) and friendly, and took our silliness in his stride to deliver a good, albeit short briefing.

Did we escape?
Yes, in a decent time of 41 minutes!

Website: http://www.theescaperoom.co.uk/Preston
2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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