MindQuest Orlando – The Haunting

MindQuest Orlando – The Haunting.
Game Date 20/09/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian



So, onto our 2nd room at MindQuest Orlando! After a brief loo break and waiting for the room to be reset, were we in! The waiting area at MindQuest is spacious, with iPads for signing waivers and lovely comfy couches to sit in, and a dedicated area for photos!

“There are those that say that Worthington Mansion is haunted, if not by spirits then by terrible secrets hidden somewhere in the home. Your job is to confirm or disprove that this site is haunted, and if it is haunted, find a way to cleanse the home of any entities that may linger there once and for all…

Other Paranormal Investigators have tried and failed. You must pick up where they left off and unravel the mysteries that they could not. The truth awaits in the shadows of Worthington Mansion, and only you can bring it to light.”

Worthington Mansion has been transformed into a museum and wow, did it look like one, even down to info buttons on the wall!
The decor here was simply stunning, beautifully finished to a very high standard. Lighting was dim, but this only added to the atmosphere.
The Haunting was so totally immersive, I found myself forgetting we were in an escape room at some points! Paintings and artefacts adorn the walls, things move on their own and there is a general air of mystery about the place!

Game Play:
Game play was mostly linear, fantastic puzzles awaited at every twist and turn, with not that many padlocks to unlock, this really helped the immersion! There were so many awesome neat tricks in this room, I really don’t want to spoil anything for you, it’s best to go see it for yourself! The story is expertly woven through the puzzles and flow of the room, giving a satisfying conclusion to to the story. An incredibly enjoyable game!

Clue System:
Clues are delivered via an iPad in the room, which also hosts your countdown timer. You can request 3 hints for free, and then every extra hint ADDS 3 minutes onto your final escape time! We’ve never experienced this particular method and felt it was great way to deliver hints! (although I do prefer the “hints for all” method) This felt like we were more in charge of our game!

Game Host:
Brook was our game host and she was brilliant, chatty, friendly a stellar game host! She ran our game really well, obviously being attentive as the clues were delivered in great time when we asked for them!

MindQuest give bracelets for winners, which is cool touch I love! A nice keepsake for a win!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 57 minutes (Would have been 54 if we’d not had that extra hint!)

Website: http://www.mindquestlive.com/
Price: $28 pp private event (minimum 4 players)
$26 pp shared event (minimum 2 players, you may be paired with strangers!)

Also, a big thank you to Lee & Inna, and their fantastic hospitality and generosity for these games! If you’re travelling to Orlando, MindQuest is a must do!

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