MindQuest Orlando – Diamond Heist

MindQuest Orlando – Diamond Heist.
Game Date 20/09/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian



“The Star of Dream of Dreams Diamond has been stolen!

Montgomery Bank & Trust is a known front for money laundering and other criminal activity. We have reliable intel that indicates the Star of Dreams is secured somewhere on their premises, presumably under the watchful eye of the bank’s president, Charles Montgomery, III.

It’s up to you to break into Montgomery’s office, locate his secret vault and confiscate the diamond before he returns. We need your help to ensure the Star of Dreams is recovered by its rightful owner!”

The theming here was superb, the office setting was realistic but simplistic. Keeping red herrings to a minimum, the bank vault part was great, with cages and bars guarding the tantalising diamond (which was HUGE!) It really set the scene and was pretty immersive! That diamond twinkling all the time through the latter part of the game is just gorgeous!
The story is carried throughout the game which is always good, it really helps immersion when the puzzles relate to the story!

Game Play:
This game had some really good puzzles a good mix of mental and physical puzzles. It had one that left us quite perplexed but when a hint was given we had the Ah-ha moment to solve it quickly! That is the sign of a good puzzle! The maths puzzle frustrated me, but this was nothing to do with the puzzle, or the room but my own ineptness at maths.
The linear flow of the game was brilliant, and lead from puzzle to puzzle easily.

Clue System:
Clues are delivered via an iPad in the room, which also hosts your countdown timer. You can request 3 hints for free, and then every extra hint ADDS 3 minutes onto your final escape time! We’ve never experienced this particular method and felt it was great way to deliver hints! (although I do prefer the “hints for all” method) This felt like we were more in charge of our game!

Game Host:
Brook was our game host and she was brilliant, chatty, friendly a stellar game host! She ran our game really well, obviously being attentive as the clues were delivered in great time when we asked for them!

Mindquest give bracelets for winners, which is cool touch I love! A nice keepsake for a win!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes!

Website: http://www.mindquestlive.com/
Price: $28 pp private event (minimum 4 players)
$26 pp shared event (minimum 2 players, you may be paired with strangers!)

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