Escape Artists – Rest Easy Motel

Escape Artists – Rest Easy Motel. Game Date 24/09/2016. Team: Amy & Ian


This was one of my most anticipated rooms in Orlando! I love anything horror motel themed (maybe staying in some dodgy ones growing up is a factor in this LOL) so I was excited to see what Escape Artists did with the theme!

“Some strange disappearances have taken place at the Rest Easy Motel. Everyone suspects the manager but no proof or motive has ever been found.

Can you solve the mystery; find the proof of who is responsible for the disappearances and escape before the manager returns? You will have 60 minutes…”

WOW! The theming in this room was fantastic! The lobby was kitschy, and stuck in the 1970s, which was perfect and fitted the story! The hotel room itself was fantastically run down, with mould on the walls and it was even raining outside. Amazing theming, the best we’d see in our time in America!

Game Play:
The game play was a little less linear than Cat Burglar and there were a lot of very clever puzzles! Lots of hands on puzzles as well as some great logical puzzles, The ONLY thing I didn’t like about this game was the jigsaw puzzle. (although, the results from the jigsaw were awesome & unique!) I am not a fan of jigsaws within rooms, whilst I enjoy the discovery of finding the pieces, putting them together always takes too long and just serves to take up time (this is a general thing in rooms too, not a specific to Rest Easy, I just went off on a tangent) Jigsaw aside, this a very fun room with a brilliant mix of easy, medium and difficult puzzles, which all were perfect with the flow of the room!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen and asked for through a walkie talkie. 3 clues given for free and 3 minutes added on for each additional clue taken.

Game Host:
Nancy & Brian were our game hosts and were spot on with giving us nudges in the right direction if we had solved a puzzle but missed where to input a code for instance! Masterful, perfect game hosting, which made the game flow so smoothly!

Did we escape?
No – even so, I LOVED Rest Easy!! (Would even play it again next time we’re in Florida! I loved it that much)

Website: http://escapeartistssanford.com/
Price:  $32 pp (as with most American games, you may be paired with strangers if you don’t book the whole room out)

IMHO Escape Artists is a MUST DO for those travelling to Florida on their hols, it is more than worth the drive out to Sanford. A truly brilliant place! I just wish they were closer to home !


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