The Escape Game Orlando – The Heist

The Escape Game Orlando – The Heist.
Game Date 28/09/2016.
Location: Orlando
Team: Amy, Ian & Justin


Well, it had come to this, our last day in Orlando… We had planned to do Magic Kingdom ALL day long, but after 3 hours there, it was CRAZY busy, and we’d done all the rides we wanted so we decided to leave on a good note and get outta there (seriously it was that busy) – so with a few hours to spare and nothing to do we ended up at The Escape Game Orlando (who’s logo looks a lot like The Escape Room Blackpool’s… Hmmmm) Anyway, comparisons aside, I did what I’ve never done before with an Escape game… a walk up!
We ended up paired with a guy called Justin, who was there to play on his own (and later on we summised he was on a job interview – if this is true we hope Justin got the job!)
So, in we went, to our VERY LAST Orlando escape room – The Heist.



Get ready for an exciting challenge of beating a thief at his own game. A famous piece of artwork has gone missing and it is up to your covert team to recover the invaluable masterpiece. If you succeed in your mission you will become national heroes! If you fail, you will be treated as a common criminal by the authorities. Good Luck!”

Theming was good here, you start off the game in the private gallery of the art Thief, known as The Curator. It was minimal, in the best sense of the word (As how many cluttered art galleries have you seen!) The slick theming continued into The Curator’s study, which was very nicely decorated and not cluttered! Nothing we’d not seen before but the upkeep of the room was good and it was all well done.

Game Play:
A brilliant game that played to all of my strengths! A great mix of physical, logical and mental challenges, that was perfectly linear and flowed so very very well (it DID include a jigsaw but thanks to my riddle solving we didn’t need to do it, phew) There were so many great puzzles in this room who were all perfectly logical and not too hard!

Clue System:
Clues were the same as we’d seen in all the other Orlando games – 3 free clues, each additional clue +3 minutes. Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Jared was our game host, he ran the game very well, giving us little nudges when we needed them and was friendly.

Did we escape?
Yes! 49 minutes and I think we only used 2 clues!

Website: http://www.orlandoescapegame.com
Price: $31.99 pp (booking are open, and you may be paired with other players unless you purchase the entire room)

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